Let dogs remain dogs

I love dogs – the deal that I have with Krishnan is we will get six dogs when we get to live in a ground floor house that has some open space for the dogs to roam around. Our current apartment does not provide the right environment for a dog.

But this blog isn’t about my love for dogs – its for what we are doing to the dogs. That the world is going to the dogs is far from the truth, we are forcing the dogs to move to our world forgetting that theirs is a better world. I do wish the world goes to the dogs – it would mean, we will love unconditionally, we will safeguard the young, be ready to play outdoors anytime, run carefree with the wind in our face.

Today we let our beloved dogs to get lazy and eat junk, they are fatter than their masters … the poor help is trying to take a dog heavier than him for a walk. Its comical and sad at the same time – the master can do with the exercise !  they get to wear clothes (sick) like they were children, it would be better if the masters could cover up a bit more. The dogs are perpetually on a leash… yes, the masters need the leash. The kids play on wii..all the wagging of his tail in vain 🙁

Human beings need to stop meddling in the affairs of dogs, birds, cats, all animals – let dogs remain dogs and can we try and be human for a change?

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