Lest we Forget … The Earth

We are made from the Earth and we are made of Earth !! Sharing one of the few Whatsapp forwards that makes absolute sense.


Some excerpts from Osho’s discourses titled “Hari Om Tat Sat” –

“…..the whole ecology around the earth has been destroyed. Life does not exist as separate islands; not a single man is an island. Everything is interwoven. You have heard these two words, ‘dependence’ and ‘independence’. Both are unreal; the reality is interdependence. We are all so interdependent on each other – not only men on other men, not only nations on other nations, but trees and man, animals and trees, birds and the sun, the moon and the oceans…everything is interwoven.

And the past humanity has never thought about it, that it is a cosmos.”

To read the entire transcript – This Earth is more than a paradise.

Another set of excerpts from Osho’s discourses titled “The Golden Future” –

“Man has lived in dependence, and man has desired and fought for independence, but nobody looks into the reality — that dependence and independence both are extremes.

Reality is exactly in the middle; it is interdependence. Everything is interdependent. The smallest blade of grass and the biggest star both are interdependent. This is the whole foundation of ecology. Because man has behaved without understanding the reality of interdependence. He has destroyed so much of the organic unity of life. He has been cutting his own hands, his own legs, without knowing.

Forests have disappeared, millions of trees are being cut every day. Just now scientists are giving warnings — but nobody is ready to listen — that if all trees disappear from the earth, man cannot live. We are in a deep inter-exchange. Man goes on breathing in oxygen, and throwing out carbon dioxide; trees go on inhaling carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen. Neither you can exist without the trees, nor can the trees exist without you.

This is a simple example; otherwise life is interwoven in a thousand and one ways….

Because many trees have disappeared, so much carbon dioxide has gathered in the atmosphere, that it has raised the temperature on the whole earth by four degrees. To you it may seem insignificant — four degrees — but it is not insignificant. By the end of this century, this temperature will be enough to melt so much ice that every ocean will rise four feet higher. One degree of temperature more means the ocean rises one foot higher.

So the cities which are on the coast of the oceans — and all the great cities are there — will be flooded with water.

If the temperature goes on increasing, as is the possibility, because nobody is listening….”

“Life is a deep interdependence.”

Osho in The Golden Future

To read the entire transcript – Life is a deep interdependence.

Thank you Master 🙏🏿

Happy Earth Day ! It is every day that we live on Earth… so start celebrating and treating Mother Earth with love and care.

3 thoughts on “Lest we Forget … The Earth”

  1. Very curious about Osho after reading your posts. Over the years I have, like many others, gotten caught up in the sensationalism associated with him, the Ashram and the controversies around his celebrity disciples especially the likes of the infamous Mahesh Bhatt and the flamboyant Late Vinod Khanna. The deep intellect and awakening were never the focus and I wonder why !!

    • Hahaha that was his way of shocking people into listening to him 😊. He is the Master of Masters Deepa. All his books are basically transcripts of his discourses. There is no other mystic ever who has spoken so much and about every mystic who lived before and during his time. Just read any of his books and/or listen to any of his discourses. The biggest advantage with Osho is no one can misquote him – all his discourses are available in his own voice. 🙏

  2. Bindu,
    Osho speaks to me, too. He must have been a truly enlightened individual. The concept of interdependence corresponds to philosophy I have put together over a lifetime of seeking meaning and purpose.

    Of course my experiment in living is not over, yet, but this post inspires me to reach deeply inward better to appreciate my interdependence with the earth and its interdependence with the cosmos.


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