Leaving Bangalore … Coming home

We moved out of Bangalore on the 3rd of April …. And this post will surprise a few people who thought I won’t miss a thing in Bangalore ! Yes, it was difficult for me to adjust to living in Bangalore. I love Delhi and Gurgaon … Just walking over 10000 years of history is a high for me, the food, the wide roads, the easy access to the hills, ofcourse the friends… Just the sheer ease of meeting friends, the cycling and living in our own house. A lot of things that make Delhi special.

I missed all of the above when we moved to Bangalore and everything seemed different… The narrow roads, the traffic, the way the two wheelers cut me off, not being able to meet any friends … Especially not being able to use the miners lamp to signal Manish !:). Nothing felt right. I couldn’t cycle, gained weight and had allergic reactions to the pollen. And then we left Bangalore to return home.

Today I was missing the fresh sugarcane juice from that corner stall where I took Hareesh when he visited from the US… Don’t think I can ever get to taste that in Delhi. I was missing the tender coconut water from our friends Raju and his brother, from across the sugarcane juice stall… Everyday our fridge was stocked with fresh tender coconut water. Don’t think we drank much water at all. I also missed the sprouts vendor outside Richards park and as I am waiting for the vegetables and fruits to be delivered home (way beyond the delivery time) I am missing the “Big Basket” deliveries on time !! As I look out on the concrete jungle that Gurgaon has become, I suddenly miss the green cover of Bangalore, especially the huge trees around Richards park. And yes Bala, I miss the office and all of you :):)

Hmmm – Arun is moving back to Bangalore from Mumbai and he had an apt message on Facebook saying he has the familiar feeling of sadness while leaving a place he has lived in… Guess I am feeling the same as I miss some aspects of living in Bangalore. Surprised Bala ??

Ok just to make Bala, Arun, Mano and a few other people happy – I am really happy to be back home in Gurgaon. I smiled as the plane touched down as I always do and I am walking across to the polling booth tomorrow to cast my vote… Don’t think you can do that in Bangalore for a long time :):):):):)

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  1. And , let me add another thing that you will miss , Bindu

    The original ratnagiri Alphonsos …. And Sameer has all the stories

    Welcome to apni Dilli

    • Karthik, we used “Interem”. Happy with the packing of the household items, but not with the car delivery. So would suggest that you drive the car down and send over just the household items.


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