Krishnan – the master of influence

Krishnan was born to sell – early indications were clearly visible, from breaking the queue at the water collection point by chatting up every “Mami” that stood in the queue and collecting more buckets of water to convincing the local gang leader that he needs to stay within limits !

Then ofcourse he did choose to become a medical rep with Cipla and the rest is selling history. Krishnan’s ability to persuade and influence people is truly remarkable. The latest example happened just now – my mom, who has never been convinced to say anything against me, tells me I should be learning from Krishnan to be on time !!! And this is fully under Krishnan’s influence. She says “you should have learnt something from Krishnan, in all these 22 years. Don’t stay dumb and ignorant” …. For those who know both my mom and Krishnan, you will understand why this statement is significant. It’s a significant shift in loyalties and support :):):):) and from a person who I thought was beyond anyone’s influence.

While I fume and write the blog to vent, Krishnan is all smiles and mom is blissfully unaware of what she just did.

Such is life and such is Krishnan’s ability to influence 🙂

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