Koti Naman Lata Didi

I cannot write a tribute to Lata Didi …. I just don’t have anything to say because it would be like saying I breathe and I speak etc, just the fundamentals of life that we take for granted. Lata Ji’s voice was fundamental to India’s everyday life for 80 years. She has passed away from the mortal realm @ 92 but she hasn’t and can’t go out of our psyche ever.

Lata Didi sang her first song in 1942, a full five years before India gained its independence. She pretty much set the bar for playback singing and every single playback singer since has tried to reach that bar. That says it all.

Lata Didi

While many many people were lucky to have known her and many of them shared amazing personal stories from her life, there was one Twitter thread that showed Lata Ji immense love for our country and its freedom fighters. Reposting it here for me to read it again and again… and ofcourse to share with all of you.

The above tweet thread shows how Lata Ji has been a part of everyday life in India, from when she was a British colony to a vibrant MODIfied democracy now. No wonder, there is a hush ever since she breathed her last in this lifetime.

I don’t want to compile a list of songs that are my favourite because I don’t have such a list and also am a bigger fan of Asha Tai’s voice than Lata Ji’s but that’s just a personal preference.

Koti Naman to Lata Ji who was never out of tune with the music of life …. Om Shanti 🙏🏿

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