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On Jan 19, 2022 a young girl Lavanya committed suicide because she was being pressurised to convert to Christianity. Lavanya gave a dying declaration on video that Sagaya Mary, the hostel caretaker put pressure on her to convert to Christianity. When the Judge asked the police officer to confirm if the video was genuine, he admitted saying it was.

That pretty much should have sealed the case ….. but three weeks after Lavanya took her life, her tormentor Sagaya Mary walks out of jail on bail and is felicitated by DMK MLA Inigo Irudayaraj. That’s how deep the Christian conversion mafia’s roots are in TamilNadu.

TamilNadu is in the grip of the conversion mafia. Annamalai’s rise is a curveball that hopefully will cure the state’s politicos of their dangerous anti-national intentions. Its also Hindu hatred that’s blatantly on display.

I was shocked to read that Lavanya studied in a school located in “Michaelpatti” near Thanjavur. Who is Michael ???? For a village or town to be named after him ? This is insidious and a cruel joke on Hindus, exactly like having a station named “Bakhtiayarpur” near Nalanda.

The Tamil film industry is almost fully converted to Christianity… you get work on TV channels only if you are a Christian or are ready to convert. No one changes their name and life goes on till one fine day, we will wake up listening to Jesus Suprabatham and Michael Sahasranamam. Its odious, obnoxious and cultural misappropriation with very sinister objectives.

Tamilians are supposed to be intelligent and they are walking right into the trap. They forget that the Cholas, Pandyas and Pallavas who built stunning temples and conquered vast lands were not Christians ! The ones who wrote Athichuvadi and Thirukkural that remain relevant through the centuries were not Christians.

Kannagi did not cross herself nor did Veerapandya Kattabomman. Why fall prey to a few rupees in the bank every month as an incentive and let go of rich traditions, a vibrant culture and an amazing way of life that’s thousands of years old ??

Lavanya’s suicide rakes up a lot of questions. The twitter thread that I have posted after the video throws light on the global web of the conversion mafia and how they have been working in the background all along. I am deeply concerned and for all my optimism, there is a tiny part of me that thinks we may be a little late in our response. 😔 Will all be lost ? Maybe not, but its an uphill task.

Do see the following video that Maridhas had put together a couple of days after Lavanya’s death by suicide.

Justice for Lavanya – Twitter Thread by @vijaygajera

Link to the thread – https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1485919896534134785.html

A thread that you should not miss!

I am dedicating this thread to our sister Lavanya. #JusticeForLavanya
In this thread, you will get to know the true face of foreign NGOs, their deep network, and their motive.

You will also get to know about their Indian pawns. 

1. Recently the Indian government has canceled the FCRA license of a few foreign-funded NGOs like Oxfam, but many foreign-funded NGOs are still working in India because people don’t know their real origin and ideology. 

2. Let me introduce a few of them.
Miss Jebb has started ‘Save The Children Fund’ with the help of Pop and Churches of the UK in 1920. Miss Jebb and her NGO co-founder sister were also associated with leftist parties in the UK.


3. Interestingly ‘Save The Children Fund’ was officially launched in 2008 in India with the new name ‘Bal Raksha Bharat’. But, it was already registered in FCRA since 2006 at the same address and with the original name. Earlier it was registered as a Christian NGO.


4. In 2008, before the launching officially in India as a ‘Bal Raksha Bharat’ they have received near about 100 crores in old ‘ Save The Children Fund’ in just two years 2006 and 2007.
Please note one of the donors to STC was Action Aid.

Lavanya FCRA
Lavanya - FCRA
Lavanya - FCRA
Lavanya FCRA

5. Action Aid is also a UK-based Christian leftist NGO.
Just like Save The Children, Action Aid has also registered itself under three different FCRA registered NGOs.

Lavanya FCRA

Lavanya FCRA
Lavanya Action Aid

6. Most interestingly Communist Harsh Mander was a country director of the Action Aid India from 1998 to 2002. The most shocking part is that he was also serving as IAS in that period. Read some shocking facts about his collaboration with Action Aid in this screenshot.

Lavanya - Harsh Mander Action Aid

7. Before I tell you more about Harsh Mander and his connection, let me tell you about one more UK-based famous leftist NGO ‘Oxfam’. Just like the above two NGOs, Oxfam was also registered under multiple FCRA numbers and names.
You should know why they do this.

Lavanya Oxfam
Lavanya Oxfam
Lavanya Oxfam

8. Apart from Christian funding this set of NGOs also receives funds and support from UK and USA governments. In return, they use these NGOs for their multiple goals, lobbying, and subversion.

Lavanya FCRA
Lavanya FCRA
Lavanya FCRA
FCRA - Lavanya

9. Let’s come to the Harsh Mander again. He has started his own NGO ‘The Centre for Equity Studies (CES) with a European Jean Dreze while Harsh Mander was still working in GOI as an IAS!
Shockingly, he has received funds from all of the UK’s three NGOs.

Lavanya Harsh Mander
Lavanya Harsh Mander
Lavanya Harsh Mander

10. Not only that, Harsh Mander has a special connection with Azim Premji and he receives funds from them in crores.

Lavanya Harsh Mander
Lavanya - Harsh Mandar

11. One more surprise. Azim Premji also funds Action Aid. I think all of you are aware that Shabana Azmi is the chairperson of Action Aid! The monthly remuneration of the head of the Action aid is 5 Lakh! FYI salary of the PM of India is 1.6 Lakh!

Lavanya Action Aid

12. Let me close this circle now. Azim Premji and his corporate circle funded IPSMF is funding entire leftist Digital media including Alt News and The Wire.
To show neutral themselves, they have added Swarajya to their list!

Lavanya - Funding for Harsh Mander

13. Now recall how Harsh Mander and his communist gang, Leftist digital media, and UK/USA were hyperactive during the CAA and Farmer protest!

Lavanya - Harsh Mander

14. Also you must remember the toolkit of Greta Thunberg. It has included many IPSMF funded leftist propaganda media. The whole NGO cartel has come to support Disha Ravi as she has created that toolkit. 

15. Unfortunately, not a single Child NGO came to support Lavanya but they claim they work for the children! 

16. They are here with multiple goals. The first is maximum conversion. The second is to stop Indian development by opposing good bills and projects. The poverty of India helps them to do more conversions! 

17. They just want India as a market. They will not allow us to grow like them. So communists, the Indian colonial political party, and Indian colonial businessmen and their cartel support them! 

18. I know after this thread I will be on their target list. They will come with a headline like ‘Hindutva attacks humanitarian NGOs’. But enough is enough. We are capable to help and grow ourselves. We don’t need your fake help. 

19. We don’t need help and advice from people who gave shelters to fraudsters in their county from all over the world. These are not just three NGOs. There is a web of these types of NGOs. It takes a book or a documentary movie to expose this ‘Web of NGOs’ and their masters. 

20. I know they are so much powerful that they can do anything to stop people like me, who expose them openly. But I am ready to face everything. Jay Hind. Vande Mataram 

It takes huge efforts and time to do the investigation.
Please keep your support and prayers with me.
Without it, I won’t be able to do more🙏

Please share this maximum 🙏 

Personally for me, I wince every time I see Mr. Harsh Mander’s name. Krishnan and I have met him and he gifted me some of his books even. He spoke well and was doing good work with his NGO Aman Biradari. Very unfortunate to see him participating in the anti-CAA riots. I can never understand anyone who is against the CAA bill. Its got nothing to do with Indian citizens !!! Hoping that Mr. Harsh Mander is not who he seems to be and this whole thing can go away, but that seems increasingly doubtful.

#JusticeForLavanya latest update –

Annamalai - Lavanya

#JusticeForLavanya #HinduPersecutionIsReal

5 thoughts on “Justice For Lavanya”

  1. Thank you for providing the facts and details around this most sinister agenda! You nailed it – keeping India poor is actually a business proposition for the commercial activity called conversion. For someone to actually use this as a tool to generate revenue, it tells you the depth of evil that drives them. Even more evil is the TN state leadership that openly endorses conversions by obstructing justice and other overt as well as covert tactics. The sole reason they loathe the current Central Govt. is because they are putting the brakes on all sources of conversion and actually lifting people out of poverty. It threatens their commercial agenda after all ! I pray for the time when the converted population wakes up to this utterly criminal motivation, and reclaims the values and Dharma they were taught before conversion.

  2. That’s why I prefer animals. They are so sane, compared with human beings. Sad for those caught in the GoverCorp web that also includes religious institutions and other human constructs that contrive to force or deceive others to abandon common sense and obey the agenda-du-jour.


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