It’s easy to quit but don’t..

Life is strange. Unpredictable. Cruel, sometimes. 

Sometimes life gives you one solid blow, and you are almost buried. It could be a loss of a job, break up of a relationship, closure of business, chronic and debilitating illness…a long list of items that can virtually cripple you. You are left to face a series of challenges that you have never faced in your life. The impact sometimes lasts years on every aspect of your life. 

We went through one such struggle for about six years from mid nineties to early years of this century as a consequence of our bankruptcy in business. Although it appears distant in our memory, when we get to know of a near and dear one going through a period of crisis, our memories do go back to those days of suffering and struggle. 

Wish to share some of the solutions and ideas that we implemented during that phase.

  • Strengthened our inner self through a number of ways including reading inspirational and motivational books, videos, movies and stories. You may find a solution to your situation there. We read Stephen Covey, Tony Robbins, Dale Carnegie for example.
  • We used the power of visualisation and affirmations to create a brighter future and protected ourselves from negative emotions.
  • Reinvented ourselves. We used creative approaches to find ways and means of coming out of our situation. As part of creating a stronger resume, I went and did the MEP program at IIM Ahmedabad. Post this program, I got amazing job offers.
  • Reaching out. To friends. To anyone. Reach out to those who will support you, encourage you, back you in your struggle. We created a small, diverse but effective study group and met regularly to discuss, share and interact on a number of subjects and issues. With the exception of one, we are still in touch with others. 
  • Reframing our view of life. We had to view our life differently to enable us to come up with solutions. You cannot solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions. For a good period of about two years plus I helped to launch and sell a PAN masala brand in Delhi…. This after being part of the launch team of L’Oreal in India and being the top performer. 
  • Being receptive to opportunities. They may come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. 
  • Making a commitment to a cause larger than life. The seeds of our foundation, ShikshaDaan, were sown in our days of struggle. Not in abundance. The universe will send powerful positive vibrations to help you. 
  • Use social media for a positive influence on you. This is a recent tool that we did not have access to but nevertheless very useful. 

In short, don’t give up and quit easily … Exhaust all options, and you realise that the options are inexhaustible. 

Also read something similar that Bindu had written in 2014 – You may be down … You aren’t out.

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  1. very interesting to read about this difficult phase of your life and how you turned it into a source of strength. You guys are awesome..


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