It’s after all money !!

Wisdom comes in all sizes and last Sunday it came from a less than 2 foot, less than 3 year old little girl called Neha :). Antony decided to finally come meet me and tried scaring me saying his whole family is with him. He didn’t manage to scare me and so came over with Aarti, Nikhil and Neha.

Well, little Ms Neha wanted water in the big glass, no steel tumblers please. She also told my mother that she only knows how to make “chapathi” not roti and she can either make “chapathi” or dance to a song. How could I pass up the opportunity to make anyone do work, so I told her to make chapathi … Well, the dough was real and sticky, which didn’t work for Ms. Neha :). She gave some tips to Vedavalli on how to make it and then decided she wanted to dance to “badtameez dil..”. She got all the moves right. Then ofcourse, Nikhil and she tried getting the iPad which didn’t work out. That’s when Antony shared the nuggets of wisdom that Ms. Neha has been dispensing.

Apparently she downloaded a game on Antony’s iPad and managed to pay for it, which infuriated Antony so he gave her a piece of his mind, telling her the value of money etc etc. She took it in that evening, but the next evening when Antony got home from work, she followed him to his room and with hands on her hips, told him she needs to talk to him. And Ms. Neha told him “Why did you shout at me yesterday ? You have money in your purse, or go to the ATM or ask Mummy and she will give you, it’s after all money. For that you shouted at me, it’s there everywhere.” Now, if our classmates and Antony’s colleagues at work wonder why his mouth is still open, it’s this nugget of wisdom from his little daughter :):)

While many of us will laugh it off as another thing that a little girl has said in all naivety, she has said something profound. It’s after all just money, if only the Ambanis, the corrupt politicians and other hoarders of money got this message, the world would be so much better. And yes, even the average Joe or Jane like you and me, who work at a regular job forget that it’s after all just money. There are many more things that is worth pursuing in life than just money … Yes, money is needed for a comfortable living and the definition of comfortable is subjective, but that’s all that money can buy – it can’t be eaten when you are hungry, it can’t stem the flow of blood when you are cut, it can’t hug you tight when the world comes crashing down, it can’t even make you smile when you are crying … Yes it can buy you the food, get you into a hospital, help you rebuild your crashed world, and it can make you smile when you get a bouquet of flowers delivered by your child … So “use” it well, but don’t make it the goal of your life, don’t hoard it so much that you miss “life” chasing after it… Also live life with an abundance mentality “it’s everywhere” and sure it’s everywhere !!

Remember Ms. Neha’s words of wisdom – it’s after all money !! To be used 🙂 not hoarded and left behind.

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