It is still the 14th

While technically its the 15th.. It is still the night of the 14th for me. Sitting in the room at Grand Maratha Sheraton, Mumbai. Am probably back here after several years, came when I helped the CS teams in Mumbai five years back !! So much has changed at work, I nearly forgot about this.

Went over the Bandra-Worli sealink for the first time and it looks beautiful, the bridge and the Mumbai city from the bridge. Met Vijaya Mami at her work place. She has setup the centre so beautifully !! Met Anju and Dimpy finally. And time as always flies with Mami. We need to stay connected a bit more to support Mami’s dream and to get her knowledge across to as many people as possible.

Vikesh’s looks great ! Met his brothers and nephew and some of his friends. Now waiting to meet Priyanka tomorrow.

Also the vada pav, Kachi dabeli and bhel puri awaits 🙂

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