Insensitive Americans !!

I saw this yesterday while browsing for something else …. and my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. These Americans are so insensitive !!😂🙄

Cow Hugging Americans

I am upset with the Americans because there were a whole bunch of Indians who were depending on them to diss India’s “cattle class” and Hindus in particular about “Cow” worship. And these insensitive people go and hug the same cows :(.

Oh I feel for all those who made fun of Sadhvi Pragya when she said, Blood Pressure is lowered when you run your hand over a cow. We can do this free of cost in India but now these Americans pay $200 to do just that.

Let me not lose this opportunity to remind my fellow Indians that Americans have also patented the same Gaumutra, (Cow urine) that you use as a slur. Expect to see that getting bottled as the next best thing after Coke/Pepsi. The only difference will be, for once they would be right and you would look like fools. Note the use of “you” not “we”.

Dear Americans ….

Rather than paying $200 to hug a cow, stop eating beef and save the Earth. BTW I have a special question for Kamala Mami … Enna Mami, Beef Hamburger vitudarela ? 😜 I can write it in Tamil but I guess she will have to find some one to read it for her, so writing it in English. Hopefully she will understand and consider it.

Back to beef … it contributes the most to greenhouse gases and consequently to global warming.

Read this article – 6 Pressing Questions About Beef and Climate Change.

A couple of excerpts –

Americans Beef
Americans Beef

So reduce your beef consumption and there may be more cows to hug… cost of hugging may come down as well.

Question for my fellow Indians who are upset with this news – Has Murli Deora changed camps ? Thought he was the Gaumutra hating CONgress … suddenly he seems to have found out something about GauMata and our shastras ! Difficult times for the CON-team.

Rats leaving the sinking ship? Moooooooo 😂

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