I wonder why …

I wonder why everyone in the audience tittered politely and some laughed whole heartedly when a 50 year old a**hole spoke of how he felt after some gruelling acting and how it felt like a woman who has been raped. First, how does he know what a woman feels like when raped ? Second and more importantly, how did the audience let him get away ? Why didn’t a single woman or man there have the gumption to go give this meat slab a tight one across his “handsome” face?

Thats what I wonder about, as a society we make demigods of certified lowlife who go around allegedly shooting endangered species of animals or allegedly run over street dwellers in their “phoren” massive cars and get away scot free ! A keeper of the law gets paid a fortune to find a flaw or work around in the very law that he helps uphold to let a 50 year old a**hole go scot free and then the poor sisters who run NCW are sending a notice to this same a**. Really ? We are something else.

I would have shrivelled up in shame if my dad had to apologise on my behalf for anything and this 50 year old meat slab’s dad is perpetually apologising on his behalf. Wow, and his co-stars (!!!) want us to believe that he truly respects women…. yeah he respects them by allegedly stalking an ex-lover, allegedly threatening the ex-boyfriend of an ex-lover, and makes lewd dance gestures with aplomb, hey, he REALLY respects women. See all his ex-girlfriends still eat out of his hand – must be scared witless.

Ah, he went out of his way for his poor dear adopted little sister. He even went and invited another star with whom he fell out, for her wedding. How touching ! But it wasn’t his sister who got raped. Some woman got raped and probably shared how she felt with this meat slab at a time when the memory muscle in his brain was functioning. And what amazing memory he has that he remembers that instance and brings it out at the (in)appropriate moment when some wonderful media person asks him how it felt shooting for his latest movie. Now, clap everyone.

The a**hole has no spine, he will neither apologise nor does he feel he has done anything wrong. As long as a dad stands up for his son’s wrongdoing, however young or old, the son is doomed. There is no hope for betterment.

Does the audience of this meat slab’s movies have the gumption to say enough is enough ? Stop watching his movies. Stop watching all movies that show women in the wrong light. Women actors, can you refuse to act as bimbettes and hanger ons and just being painted on for a scene ? Singers, can you refuse to sing lyrics that are cheap, demeaning and objectify women ? Someday …. hopefully.

I wonder why this man gets away scot free every time …. must be karma.


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  1. The nauseating part is when a whole bunch of “Bollywood” fraternity comes on national TV and supports him for his off the cuff remark. So pathetic hypocrites and he endorses the brand “Being Human” …. what an irony.


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