Hot piping fresh food

On Friday Feb 10, as I drove to work, the lights near Park Plaza turned red so I had to stop… Since the day I saw that little girl at this intersection, I anyway slow down and look around hoping I can find out her name. There is a Hanuman temple right opposite Park Plaza. There is a story associated to that temple as well …. Long back when it was just a tiny temple, Vidya and I struggled to keep an oil lamp lit …. Vidya and her Saturday fix of saying hello to Anjaneya :):):)

This day I saw three little girls come out of the gate of the temple lifting a big vessel with piping hot food. Suddenly there was a whole bunch of children and older folk who came to share that food. That was a good day for them – no leftovers but piping hot, fresh food.

And we take that so much for granted !!

No, tomorrow is yet to come. Haven’t met that little girl… She wasn’t amongst these children.

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