Highway through heaven :)

Am sure heaven has a golden carpet of this kind ….

What a difference good roads can make !! Yesterday was nearly 12 hours of driving and still we were able to smile and still wake up in time for the dentist’s appointment. We started from Bhopal at 8.35 am and found the bypass road that took us to Vidisha and another bypass took us to Kurwai and this picture is from Kurwai. The entire distance of nearly 160 kms has this view – it’s golden wheat, “Kanak” as they say in Hindi. The roads are like smooth !! From Kurwai we went to Bina and then onto Malthon. Malthon onwards the 4 lane highway till Jhansi. Just an awesome road. From Jhansi to Gwalior, the roads are good not great, just a lot of diversions and some really bad patches. From Gwalior bypass, it’s the highway again to Agra and once we got into Agra, finding the Yamuna expressway took us an hour. :):) We went around the Red Fort a couple of times. We got onto the Yamuna Expressway at about 7 and stopped for 45 minutes at the first refreshment stop. We started from this point at 8 and were at home in Gurgaon by 10.30 …. A distance of about 220 kms in two and a half hours. 

Here’s the highway through heaven at night 🙂

Yeah we have roads like these in India. Jai ho. 

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