Have no FOMO, Just Mojo

One of the benefits of mentoring younger folks, is learning the new “lingo”. I don’t know all the hep words and abbreviations, but I have picked up a few interesting ones over the past three years. From the first set of PGP students that I mentored in 2019, I learnt about FOMO.

FOMO is Fear Of Missing Out. 😢

I didn’t like what it meant, but its important to know that young people today have this fear… The fear of missing out. I guess the level of competition and the kind of peer pressure that young folks face today is a lot more difficult to deal with than a couple of decades back. Its also social media and the need to “appear” successful that plays havoc.

Yesterday I came across this tweet and absolutely loved it because it addresses the core issue of living life.

No FOMO, just Mojo

God bless Mr. Lumsden for putting this tweet out because its not about growing old, its about living life on your terms. I have forwarded this tweet to several friends because all of us in some way have FOMO 😁. We are busy worrying about ageing, while life is passing us by.

My school friend Sunita is starting her PhD just now. Am so thrilled because she is choosing to do what she wants to do and not bothering about what “people” will say or her “colleagues” will say or the World at large will say. More power to her !

For Indian history buffs – Krishna was 65 years old at the time of the Mahabharata war…. Do read Nilesh Oak’s deductions basis several clues from the Mahabharata text. Historical Krishna – 5626 BCE. And post the war, Krishna lived for another 36 years. Arjuna was around the same age, maybe a couple of years younger. So if someone can fight a war at the age of 60+, why have the fear of missing out on anything else in life ?

To everyone out there, just live your life on your terms. Don’t have FOMO but bring back the Mojo, the enthusiasm to live fully. Then you won’t be missing out on anything.

Happy weekend !

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