Happy Start to 2021

The first day of 2021 started with meeting PedalYatris over piping hot chai and pakoras, thanks to Rajesh. Hoping to get back on the saddle this year… have had a long hiatus ! A beautiful cold morning to start the year. We stuffed our faces with so much pakoras that we couldn’t eat any lunch. Ate an early dinner straight away.

2021 PY get together
Jan 1, 2021 PY get together

While flipping channels I happened to stop at WION and Palki Sharma was speaking about approval ratings of different world leaders during the pandemic. No surprise on our beloved PM Mr. Modi leading the pack. Thankfully this survey is done by an American agency and it only deals with the way world leaders have dealt with the pandemic. I do expect the HMVs to pipe up with some inane argument, but why spoil our mood for their rants??

See the short clip from Palki Sharma’s “Gravitas” program –

Just the news about PM Modi topping the approval rating amongst 13 world leaders –

The fact remains that India has dealt with the pandemic well. I am sure it bothers Mr. Modi’s detractors to no end and they would like to find something to dent his success and popularity. Unfortunately most Modi-haters who are otherwise rational and logical people, don’t understand that they need to see the impact of his policies on ground to know that he has made a huge difference !

The paid media shows news that sells … and anti-Modi rants sell. The only ones who are adversely affected by Mr. Modi’s govt are the middlemen, the corrupt and India’s enemies. Everyone else has been positively impacted. The poor get their subsidies directly into their bank account, the mobile telephony has reached nearly every corner of India, there is food security and infrastructure has improved by leaps and bounds. What’s to complain ?

Thank you Mr. Modi for leading India during these testing times and congratulations on topping the approval ratings chart. So proud and so thrilled with this news.

Happy 2021 everyone ! May this year be better than the last year in every which way.

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