Happy Birthday to FUB Jr…

I was remembering both the FUBs today – Bala and Nisha. There are such sweet memories of you both bugging me and how much I got done just because of your follow-ups. Sharing a picture of a sari that Bala gifted to me and Nisha, the neckpiece is obviously designed and made by you. I wore the sari a few days back but wanted to post it on your birthday today :):). 

Please forgive the bathroom slippers peeping out :):)

Nisha, the above picture has not just the neckpiece designed by you but also what you had gotten made for my 2013 birthday, just above my left ear :):). 

Wish you a very happy birthday today. It has been a special privilege knowing you as a 10 year old and watching you grow into an amazingly beautiful, compassionate young woman and then an awesome mother. The radiance of your soul is seen on your face – I can never forget you crying on the phone when your help at home died of cancer and how much you helped her live. There are such happy memories of our time at Vashi, Hyderabad and many other places. On your birthday, I publicly bequeath my entire “bead” collection to you, just as you wanted. 

Remember that you inherited the best from your parents, gorgeous looks from Raji and an amazing work ethic from Mani – an unbeatable combination. 

Nisha, Enjoy your special day and may every day be special. 

Bala, FUB Sr – did you remember to wish Nisha ? 🙂

Note : FUB – Follow-Up Bug. Nisha’s name is Sharat Jyotsna but I am too used to calling her Nisha.  

To help everyone understand this blog better, here’s the first one – FUBs

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