Half a glass of sugarcane juice

We drove back from Hyderabad today after my classes. We wanted to buy mangoes again at Rajmahal Road but couldn’t since traffic was backed up really long. So we decided to have sugarcane juice near our house. While the three of us were having our sugarcane juice, a slightly old lady came and asked for half a glass of sugarcane juice. We were on our second glass of juice. When the vendor asked her why only half a glass, she replied “I only have 6 bucks”. Yes, we did get her a full glass of sugarcane juice…. But that’s not the point here.

We drove down nearly 600 kms within six hours on a world class road and here is another citizen, who can’t afford a full glass of sugarcane juice for 12 bucks :(:(:(:( It seems like an epidemic of inequality is upon us. Am unable to shake off her image because she asked my mom to sit on the stool even before we offered her the glass of juice. How can one be so alone, how does somebody get abandoned ? I know it happens, but how can it ? Am suddenly thinking of the newspaper article of that man who left his mother at the Ghaziabad junction – do we need children like that guy ? And do we still classify them under human beings …

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