Haircut at home :)

There are some reasons why a place becomes home … For us Gurgaon is home because I can go for a walk anytime of the day or night within my condo complex. One round is 1.6 Kms and it’s safe, no traffic, no crowd and a wide road, just priceless.

Gurgaon is home because there are eight Sivananda yoga centres and three of them within 4 kms of our place ! No excuses for not doing that hour of yoga 🙂

Gurgaon is home because Pawan now drives an autorickshaw but his brother still rings the bell first at our place to collect clothes for ironing…it’s home because Molina comes to clean our house and my mother makes the best tea for her. It’s true, if you want really good tea, the password is “Molina tea” 🙂

Gurgaon is home because the PYs are here and even though we haven’t started to ride regularly, we can anytime and have a friend to ride with every day … It’s home because we can see Manish and Swati’s house from our balcony and because a friend’s house is just a few minutes away.

It’s home because I can get a haircut at home … Just before leaving for Goa, I called Wilson and he told me he no longer was working out of Galleria, but he happily came home on his way back home and cut my hair at home !! How cool is that ? I don’t remember even dad getting a haircut at home – special treatment right ? Can’t stop smiling as I think about it.

For all the things that Delhi NCR is not good for, there are so many things that make it home. The feeling that every turn brings you to some historical facet of our glorious country, and you walk everyday over thousands of years of history, enough to make me feel at home.

Now to make it safer …

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