Grit is not that important…

I am sure that many of you who read the title of this blog will shake your head in disbelief. I too did the same.

For a very long time, we believed, and were led to believe in the importance of grit and perseverance, especially when faced with challenges and adversities. 

Almost two decades back, Bindu (my life partner) and I faced an extraordinary situation in our business. Despite losing everything that we had , we still continued to follow a particular line of action, hoping against the hope that our grit, perseverance and prayers will see us through. Unfortunately the situation worsened further for us. One fine day, we decided to completely change the course of our direction and followed through a series of actions that helped us to get out of all our troubles. It took almost six years for us to get out of our financial problems and reach stability. While having grit and perseverance is very important, they alone cannot deliver solutions to your problems. 

Just a few days back I read this interesting article that brings in a different but right perspective on the role of grit and perseverance in our lives. The article also has details of interesting experiments conducted that support the limited value of grit and perseverance. 

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Grit isn’t that great

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