From Saffron to Maroon !

The painting of our house is done !!! I had posted earlier about how I have dreaded getting the house painted just because of the dust that will be generated as the walls are sanded. The bedrooms and the kitchen got done without too much hassle as they are separate units with a door that can be shut. The work of painting the living room started on the 16th of April … and yeah, the four days were tough because we couldn’t stop crisscrossing the living room!!

Here are the pictures 🙂

On the left is the Saffron coloured sitting area in the living room. On the right is the same sitting area in Osho’s maroon now 🙂
Again on the left is the pale yellow coloured walls of the rest of the living room and now its changed to a colour called “Mystery” which is under the family of greys with a red hint. Looks great on the walls but doesn’t capture well in a picture.

Osho’s picture is yet to be put up. Will do that shortly.

The kitchen, all covered as they scraped the walls and got them ready for painting.
Have gone for sunny yellow for the walls in the Kitchen and chocolate brown for the accent wall. Again the photograph doesn’t do justice, but the colors looks great.

We even entertained our first guests on Friday with Anupam and Nandita having lunch with us in the newly painted house.

So thrilled with the way the house looks now. There is a bit of work remaining as the chocolate brown accent wall in the kitchen needs one more coat of paint – there are brush marks and uneven painting. The painters who worked were a really nice bunch of people, Sujit, Ajay and Rupesh were the regulars while a couple of other painters kept coming and going. The sales team of Asian Paints did get some feedback for  the way they dealt with us … but that is for another post. The product is good, and the work is well done.

Feeling happy.

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