Friendship on the banks of the Ganga

This was on my birthday in 2002. We decided to go rafting on the Ganga and started off from our place in Patparganj. About 15 kms into the drive I went over a slab of ice that had fallen bang in the middle of the road and the couple in the car behind us apparently laughed and thought, some crazy driver 🙂 what they both didn’t realise at that moment was two nights later, they would be following the same car and commenting that this was the fastest they had driven !! Or that a friendship for life was to be sealed on the banks of the Ganga.

We were the last two couples to reach and all the nice tents had been taken, so Deepa was asking the organiser for a tent and I came down with a terrible headache. Krishnan asked Deepa for a Crocin and I just took a tablet and went off to sleep in one of the temporary tents. When I woke up some 3 hours later, Krishnan had made the first instant friendship of his life with Kapil and Deepa 🙂 am the one famous for instant friendships. We sat and spoke late into that night and then the next night and finally when we left Rishikesh, we felt we knew each other for ages. Then the phone call from Dilli Haat, our buying the house at Ridgewood and one more year of going on a rafting trip, a Jaipur trip, Manya’s first birthday……. Krishnan’s working out of Blore and Deepa and I trying out our skirts, My dad passing away and Kapil coming all the way to Blore to be there for his tenth day, To Karan growing taller than Kapil, ten years of a special friendship.

July 13th was Deepa’s birthday and Krishnan and I went riding in the morning to wish her with a dry flat cake in our backpack. The look of sheer joy on Deepa’s face was worth every minute of the ride and ofcourse the amazing lassi.

Some friendships are made in an instant for a lifetime and this certainly is one such. Happy birthday again Deepa 🙂

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