For Chronic Low Back Pain, Mindfulness Can Beat Painkillers

Most of my friends know, and a few of them may remember that my Mom and Bindu’s Mom have the same name. Besides the name, they do share some common traits and habits. One such common habit is the habit of consuming paracetamol tablets not just to get pain relief but also for any and every possible situation. Both of them consider paracetamol as a panacea for all ills. 

I have tried my best to discourage them from consuming paracetamol tablets but have failed. I do not like to take medicines especially no self medication. I have always felt that most pain and fever conditions will go away on their own and all you need is to take rest. No need for self medication or a visit to your friendly pharmacist or even the doctor. 

And now this study that I have shared with this post confirms that even in chronic pain conditions, mindfulness plays a better role than painkillers. Better to go with mindfulness, meditation or even mudras to manage pain than go for pain killers, any day !

Also remember Osho’s words – Meditation and Medicine come from the same root. Both heal, Meditation heals the mind which completely stops the need for medicine, which only heals the body. 

Do read the following article – 

For Chronic Low Back Pain, Mindfulness Can Beat Painkillers

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