Foggy Feb, Snow in Houston … No climate change ?

Snow in Houston

All of yesterday, in two of my school groups we were discussing the polar vortex or snow storm in Texas. Houston was colder than Alaska !!! Its not funny because people have lost lives in the most developed country on Earth due to this unexpected weather phenomenon. My friend Bhagya sent this picture taken from a drone over Dallas –

Foggy, Snow, Polar Vortex

“”I’m in Houston, Texas freezing to death,” one Twitter user, Chris Prince, wrote. “No power, no heat, no water. I have four young children. How is this happening right now?”” – this is from BBC’s news item Texas weather: Deaths mount as winter storm leaves millions without power.

Houston is colder than Alaska and we still think Climate Change is far away ?? Where are all the climate change activists?

On 12th I was wondering if it was the Season’s last foggy morning ? I spoke too soon. Yesterday was even more foggier and cooler than the 12th.

Foggy Morning
The Sun can barely be seen in the right side picture.

The news agency ANI had also posted pictures of the foggy morning on Twitter.

Foggy morning
Photographs from Delhi as posted by ANI

Fog in Feb is a new thing …. and we still want to believe Climate change and global warming is far away.

The BIG question

Where is the Time magazine’s Person of the Year 2019 Greta Thunberg?

Answer – busy preparing a toolkit to support middlemen posing as farmers in India to continue their crop burning and pesticide overload. She is confident that burning crop residue will reduce the pollution levels in India. Also rampant use of pesticides will ensure that her home country Sweden will start importing vegetables from Punjab !!

For further context – “Organic vegetables are mainly imported from other EC countries, of which the Netherlands, Italy, France, and Spain are the most important ones. Suppliers from outside the EC include Israel (onions, avocado), Argentina (onions, garlic), Mexico (avocado), the Dominican Republic (ginger), and China (pumpkins).” – excerpt from

So all those in India that are melting over Ms Thunberg would do well to support the farm laws rather than wasting time on this propped up Climate activist. The smart kid is laughing all the way to the bank, while brown skinned jokers are hollering from their armchairs against their own country.

While waving their arms around can the brown skinned jokers do some Fact Checking on Wikipedia ? I was surprised to see Ms Thunberg as an American citizen … hmmm Mr. Soros is thinking ahead, methinks.

Snow in Houston - Greta Thunberg

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