Feeling at home

The full moon was orange and the smile came as always when the plane started the descent towards Delhi. I love this city, with all it’s warts and I know the warts are big and ugly… There are beasts in the garb of human beings, Damini happened here and there are Daminis everyday, people are show-offs, would worry more about your address than what you bring to the table, and everyone knows someone important – I get it, but it’s home for me.

The wide roads, the awesome food, phones that don’t keep cutting off, the beautiful monuments, the amazing getaways, the cold winters and the hot summers (the only city where you can change your wardrobe for a given season) and our amazing friends. For Krishnan and I it’s also the place where our fortunes changed and that binds us even more to Delhi. For a history buff like me, walking over 10000 years of history everyday is a big high. For someone who loves to live out of a suitcase and travel incessantly, I feel completely at home in Delhi (NCR). I also understood how much you get attached to the house you own…. A small piece of concrete, is all your own, and you can keep it the way you want – that’s special.

And walking into my old office and meeting the old gang – felt so wonderful and so at home !!


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