Farmers Protest 2020 – Sowing Trouble

The Govt. of India passed three farm bills in September this year which have been widely appreciated by nearly all states except Punjab. Given the federal structure of governance, there is a provision for the State Governments to not implement the three bills. Punjab has gone down that path. Then why have the Farmers Protest 2020 amidst the pandemic ? Also when farmers benefit from these bills, why should they protest ?

Farmers Protest 2020 – Shaheen Bagh 2.0

The famous “dadi” of Shaheen Bagh fame has now joined the Farmers protest, just like the professional protestor Medha Patkar. Job Alert – Being a professional protestor is a new age, well paying job. Think of Medha Patkar, Shaheen Bagh Dadi and Shehla Rashid. What has the Dadi of Shaheen Bagh got to do with the Farm bills ? I thought she was protesting against the CAA.

The fact that you have unrelated people like this “Dadi” coming into the farmers protest, it can only mean that Shaheen Bagh got interrupted by the Virus so this is probably the second attempt to create a bigger fuss.

The Farmers Protest 2020 – different voices

I picked out a few Tweets from different people on the Farmers Protest 2020. A few interesting, seemingly unconnected notes emerge. Khalistan posters, Article 370 abrogation and the chocolate-boy-bhangra-dancing-ill-informed Justin Trudeau getting worried are all seemingly unconnected. Enjoy connecting the dots from the following Tweets.

Really, how will that help with MSP ??
Khalistan ? the only Khali sthan (empty space) is between their ears. The Sikh community is India’s pride, fiercely patriotic and the best community in the world. Sad to see a few of these anti-nationals springing up again …. 🙁
I find intelligent, logical men attractive … not empty-headed chocolate boys. Why is the situation concerning ? Because we aren’t giving citizenship to ISIS terrorists like you ? or why is the situation in Hong Kong not concerning you? Because you pay obeisance to the Queen or Xi ??!
Spot on !!
Precisely ! Despite being married to Sanket Upadhyay from the NDTV family, I like her questions.

Some other dots to connect

Can’t imagine why Punjab farmers alone don’t want to make money 🙂
This is an important point …. but then CONgress is GONEgress, so anything is possible.

A real farmer speaks

  • Farmers  Protest 2020
  • Farmers Protest 2020

The only thing that one can say is we don’t know if Anitha Gokul is a real farmer … but then be ready to question “poor” farmer Sharad Pawar too !!

I got a forwarded message on WhatsApp today that clearly spells out what the REAL Farmers Protest 2020 is about. Pasting the message here. Don’t know the author to give credits to.

As received over WhatsApp –

*Know about Farmers’ Protests:*

*विचौलिया आंदोलन कि मूल मांग है कि “बिल में एक लाइन लिख दो कि MSP से कम पर फसलों की ख़रीद ग़ैरकानूनी होगी!”*अर्थात ये बिचौलिए घटिया किस्म का भी धान बेचें, तो इसकी खरीद भी MSP पर ही कि जाये!*

*Why  should there be any MSP condition?*

*Let’s try and understand this with pure FACTS in this thread! Let’s understand with real life experience and figures!*

*MSP is set, not just by the Central Govt., but by the States, too! So for X crop is central MSP is ₹1,300, A State adds more to it, and say makes MSP ₹2,100 i.e ₹800 is added, only purely for political gains! Before the Farm Bills 2020,if Rice grown in UP & MSP is ₹1,300, a farmer had to sell it in UP only! This means if MSP in Haryana is ₹2,100, UP farmer had to sell @ ₹1,300 only in UP state, & he was not permitted to sell at ₹2,100 in the neighbouring state of Haryana! Who was at a Loss? The FARMER!*

Who was at a gain? Middlemen, like Commission Agents!

Who are the big middlemen and commission agents in India? – Sharad Pawar, the Badals, Tiket, amongst others! Who buys from these middlemen? Corporates, large companies and open market!

The new Farm Bills removed these crooks from the system, and now the Farmers can sell anywhere in India, directly to Companies or even consumers!

Now let’s take a REAL example!

Bajra in Sikar, Rajasthan sold at ₹1,300- The MSP in Haryana or Punjab is ₹2,100-! So, partially exploiting the Farm Bills 2020 provisions of buying & selling anywhere! So a Big Landowner or middleman buys 5 trucks of Sikar Bajra at ₹1,300 per quantal and sells it in Haryana at Haryana MSP of ₹2,100! ThIs is a pure gain of ₹800- per quintal for him, and a loss of 800 to Rajasthan Govt.! CM Haryana in a tweet said that he will not allow this practice! Punjab produce is the worst in the entire country! It is full of toxins! Even they themselves don’t eat it! Since the Farm Bills are in place, businessmen say why should we buy poor produce from at ₹2,100, when we can get much better quality from UP at ₹1,300?

So these Farm Bills will standardise the price of the produse in the entire country! This means people can buy the best at the best price! This means Punjab & Haryana Farmers need to offer improved quality produce, which means more hardwork & price, too! To get better produce in Punjab & Haryana, it may need at least 10 years, as the ground below the soil is contaminated, with excessive use of pesticides and artificial fertilisers!

This is why the Farmers Protest in asking for one condition in Farm Bills 2020,that demanding any rates below the MSP would be a criminal offense, and would not be allowed!

This serves two purposes: Assured MSP, even if crop is of poor quality & the govt. is forced to buy at the state MSP! Political parties can declare any MSP to gain Votes! With this condition in place, say the Congress promises ₹2,500 MSP for Bajara just before an Election! That means the middlemen buy at ₹1,300 from Rajasthan, and sell it to the Punjab Govt at ₹2,500, and make a pure profit of ₹1,200! This has been the modus operandi of the Pawar’s & the Badal’s for many years!

Another important point: When MSP across India becomes the same, political milage for parties is lost! Post 2024, GOI will abolish PDS, and the DBT will be implemented! This means GOI will pay the Farmers via DBT, and you have freedom to buy what you like. You will not be forced to buy sub-standard food at MSP!

Now read this thread again! and tell me if the Farmer Protests are justified.

The Tweet of the day to close this post –

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha ROFL

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