End surrogacy of leadership

The not-so-young twit hoping to be the PM doesn’t have time to canvass in his constituency so the not-so-young sister is canvassing on his behalf … The question that begs itself to be asked is – will she also govern on his behalf ? Look around us – nearly everything seems to be rented. The twit’s superstar friend had a son through surrogacy – God bless him and his wife. A child will have a wonderful upbringing, but why surrogacy ? If only the superstar had adopted an orphan …. Think of the example he would have set !!

But how can we blame him – we have had a surrogate Prime Minister !! For five long years. What is surrogacy ? Technically, it’s having another woman bear your child. Nothing wrong with the idea – except there are legal complications if the surrogate mother refuses to abort, or give up the child to the parents for whom she agreed to carry the child. There could be a genetic link to the father or not.

Expand the concept to our social fabric – rather than playing football, we take pleasure in rooting for our favorite football game. The IPL tamasha – sports surrogacy at its best. The tuition culture in India – surrogate teachers. Porn – surrogate sex. MMS as PM – surrogate leadership of the country. Movies – surrogate pain/pleasure. … So the practice of surrogacy seems prevalent in all walks of life !

Coming to this election – surrogacy here will not work. On one side you have NaMo being present everywhere and even if he uses technology, he also reaches every place in person and the opposite camp’s PM probable, uses his sister to say things for him. Why not a Congress leader ??? Why the family ?? Since when has the sister become a congress leader ? The media is falling over themselves to hear a pretty face – why not ask Aishwarya or the latest Ms. Universe about Amethi’s problems ? What the sis can say will probably be less interesting and less informed than these two ladies and they are far prettier than the sis.

Hey sis, you will remain Rajiv’s daughter, you can never be anybody else’s child…. But can you atleast start using his name as your surname or atleast the man you married ? Rather than the famous last name of your grandfather who isn’t the Mahatma ? Stop surrogacy. We need real leaders as the PM.

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