Elections and Leadership Lessons – 2. Being Organised

Imagine an army general being disorganized …. Or a judge dropping his/her papers here there and everywhere … Or a chef who doesn’t get the ingredients in one place for the dish he/she is planning… Or a teacher coming into the class and wondering what to teach :). You are smiling, but we accept disorganized people in politics, in the corporate world !

The whole schooling system is a way to get children to be organized. Not that it succeeds, but where it succeeds you have great possibilities. When my father passed away, it was so easy to figure out his papers, because dad had kept all the papers in a single place and wrote everything down in a notebook as backup. I have seen Krishnan organizing his work so well, that he has never been under stress trying to locate any work related paper. Why, my mom-in-law is so organized .. She had separate envelopes for each expense head. She will take out all ingredients needed to make a dish into small plates so she isn’t scrambling at the last minute 🙂

Now think of the recent elections and how organized the BJP and Mr. Modi were. He addressed some 430+ election rallies, but still none of his papers related to Gujarat waited on his desk !! Modi seems to believe in the clean desk policy and moves papers really quickly. Nothing waits. Most of his rallies started on time and he didn’t miss any except one. Imagine if he was disorganized 🙂 …

I love chaos and disruption, but my day, my thoughts and my files are organized enough to manage the chaos and disruption. I like chaos and disruption because they bring change and challenge the normal, but without a strong organized thought system, they will be destructive. Being disorganized puts your peers and team under a lot of stress, because they will have to compensate for your being disorganized.

It’s a much underrated virtue, but should be high up on any leader evaluation tool.

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