Election lessons

I am thinking of Rahul Gandhi today …. He cost the elections in UP for the Congress party. What must he be thinking ? Is he thinking about what he didn’t do right or what he could have done differently or is he just blaming his poor luck ?

We are narcissistic as a race, but we always see what we think we want to see … Never what is reflected in the mirror. If we are fat, we continue to hope that the mirror is showing us to be fat, but we really are not. So is Rahul looking at the mirror like he does everyday or differently today ?

Elections like the movie world is an unforgiving arena – people reject you without any remorse and rightfully so. If only the focus on winning an election is poured into doing truly good work and good governance, winning an election should be a given !!

It’s school time for Rahul baba…. What is he struggling with ? He has spent a lot of time in this class !

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