Direct Benefit Transfer – a Game Changer

I had saved this infographic last year and forgot all about it. During the lockdown I remembered it again and still didn’t write the post that I wanted to. I went back to the MyGov website and suddenly saw that Direct Benefit Transfer scheme is actually delivering a huge value to the genuinely needy.

Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme

This scheme was launched in Modi term 1. No one realised the huge impact this would have in cutting out middlemen and in ensuring transparency. The genuinely needy started getting money from the various Govt. welfare schemes directly into their Jan Dhan bank account …. Get the drift ?

A certain dynast PM had famously quipped that only 15 paisa of his Govt.’s welfare money reached the intended beneficiary. Well, his party, the CONgress, had developed a well oiled industry of middlemen who worked industriously to fleece the poor and pocket the welfare money :(:(. With the DBTS, these Middlemen went out of the middle !!

Its no wonder Mr. Modi is disliked by the Middlemen and “dalals”. Their livelihood is gone.

The above infographic is as of May 24, 2019.

The latest infographic from the DBT Bharat website.

Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme
This is as of Oct 16, 2020

A staggering Rs. 12,83,367 Crores has been transferred to the intended beneficiaries since inception of the Direct Benefit Transfer scheme.

The DBTS is truly a game changer !

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