Different weekends !!

Yesterday was meeting Manish and family and trying out Kerala style “Veg stew” for the first time … It’s also the first time I realised I have only 6 small “katoris” and a dozen of them have been left behind in Gurgaon. I can’t invite you home Dhruv, I know :):)

The day before was Hareesh and his mom for lunch and I didn’t miss anything because it was an all steel affair and my mom has ensured she has brought along all that she wanted. My mother loves steel (un breakable) and I love everything ceramic and glass and bone china (breakable) … Yeah feel free to deduce our personalities from our choices.

Last weekend, we had Usha and family over and then I caught up with my classmates over lunch …

Why am I writing all these down and sharing with everyone ? Because for a year and a half, all I thought about during weekends was pre-read, assignments, and tests ! Am having withdrawal symptoms, especially with pre-reads. I plan to re-read the pre-reads so that I stop missing them and also stay current with the material. Arun called yesterday and thought I sounded low, and I told him, it’s just because I am missing all the tension of reading stuff up before class. I feel guilty if I watch TV or a movie and then have to remind myself that I can do all this since my course is over :):)

Starting to read all the books that were suggested by different professors and getting back to my fiction-fix. Expect to see book reviews now !

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  1. Thanks, Bindu. Waiting for the book reviews. I read Linda H Hay. Thanks to your blogs talking about the book; and, found it to be so TRUE…. Whenever I have any ailment, I look up at a reason in my mind and not external as much….. Looking for what you have to say, about what are a few books, that I can lay my hands on them too …. I’m loving bookmark too…:)


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