Dhimmi Hindus get a resounding slap – Sabarimalai

While some of us were waiting to wail it does seem that two women in their 40’s entered the Sabarimala temple today in the morning with police protection. Am also hearing that they were taken through the back door and everyone was told that they were transgenders. So the commies, Christian-conversion-junkies and other wonderful people who want to break every age old tradition and practice in Hinduism are rejoicing today and some Dhimmi Hindus are joining in the celebration with the retarded thought that this is a victory for women’s equality.

Its genuinely a wonder that our forefathers, the ones who created the Upanishads, Vedas, created the holistic health system of Ayurveda and Yoga were so intelligent … and we, the current generation of Indians are sooooo dumb. We first allowed pale-skinned snotty “white” men to break our cultural backbone and make us feel inferior inspite of our gifting the world with knowledge far ahead of its time. They are now getting around to the idea of “salt”, “neem” and “charcoal” in your toothpaste while thats what we had been using for ages. They are also figuring out that sitting for hours on the pot doesn’t move the shit out of their bodies but squatting the Indian way does !!! Not just the way you shit but every lofty spiritual quest has found fulfilment in this land of ours and yet we (the current generation) remain shallow, unaware of our heritage and chase the “new age” mirage with some false sense of being “modern”. Even as we “hog” pizzas, guzzle coke and spill out of our “dresses”, we refuse to listen to our age old wisdom that said food is the medicine – nourish your body and live in health. We also refuse to understand the reasons behind our traditions and lump them all as superstition, just the way the pale-skinned snotty “white” men wanted and now many other folks want.

Ms. Shefali Vaidya has coined the term “dhimmis” for such Hindus and rightfully so !!! India is the only country where every religion is respected, and in 1947, the pale-skinned snotty “white” men who ruled us decided to breakup this land into two countries – a “Hindu” India and a “Muslim” Pakistan. We paid with 1 million lives and 14 million people getting displaced… the largest displacement anywhere in the world and we still hold that gory record. While Pakistan declares itself as a “Muslim” country, and the Hindus in Pakistan are whittled down to a tiny minority, India does not declare itself as a “Hindu” country and everyone and their mothers come have a party in “secular” India while demeaning the Hindus and desecrating everything that they hold dear. If I say we are a “Hindu” country am intolerant, but if Pakistan says they are a “Muslim” country they are tolerant… If I say I am a proud Hindu, I am a communal force, but if a Christian says “You sinners”, he is a preacher and a Muslim citizen can call a Hindu citizen as “Kafir” because he has “freedom of expression”. If I say Bhagwan Ram was born in Ayodhya, everyone will cry and call me a “bad” Hindu and go to court to stall every effort to RE-make a temple there under the garb of “secularism”. This is what India and the majority population of “Hindus” have been reduced to.

Only the “Dhimmi” Hindus have to be tolerant, open-minded, inclusive – helllooooo, am born tolerant, open-minded and inclusive unlike the other two major religions that are constantly having a pissing match in heaven about whether the only son or the prophet of an unknown and rather angry God is bigger !!! And the commies dip their dirty butt in every pond in the hope that some of the slimy stuff would be left behind and they can survive a little longer. Communism is long dead and Lenin is probably reborn as a “God fearing” Catholic but is yet to give “darshan” to these losers in India.

A Hindu reveres everything that’s on Earth and in the Universe – every single atom is divine… and 2/3rds of the world is trying to tell us there is only “one” true God??? Anyone with a shred of intelligence will find the very argument flawed. Either the whole Universe is divine or nothing is. Anyway, I am digressing.

Coming back to the Sabarimala “victory”… anyone gloating over this entry-into-the temple as women’s “equality” bullshit, is an anti-national. You find that an absurd argument ? Thats precisely how every argument of yours sounds to me – no Hindu woman went to court asking to be allowed inside Sabarimala because she is allowed before she is 10 and after she is 50 … some Muslim gentleman suddenly felt very compassionate about “Kafir” women and their rights and so went to court out of love for Ayyappa. The commies and Christian-conversion-junkies were delighted that under this pretext, they can get a hill to put their cross on ! And the Dhimmi Hindus stood by applauding. Too harsh? Yeah, it is because this shit is piled high and deep and our collective conscious is deadened.

Wake up and smell the coffee before the wonderful aromatic candles snuff out your very life and you get bolted onto a wooden X with no rebirth.

Swamiye Sharanam. #SaveSabarimalai #SaveHinduism

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  1. it was never about equality, for ages Hindus have been torn, divided by cults , agony is a Hindu rejoicing.. will change soon ..


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