Debasnana Purnima

Today Bhagwan Jagannatha, Balarama and Subhadra will have their Debasnana in preparation for the Ratha Yatra on July 1. This Debasnana happens on Poornima (full moon) in the month of Jyestha.

Arpita, the founder of Duhieta had shared the following write-up on Whatsapp. Reposting it here for everyone’s benefit.

Debasnana Purnima or ‘Snana Yatra’

It’s time for Ratha Yatra again starting today with Snana Yatra which is also by the way Kalia’s Birthday.

So what happens today?

According to the ‘Skanda Purana’ it was king ‘Indradyumna’ who constructed the Jagannath temple at Puri, and started this festival of Snana Yatra, the bathing ceremony. However as per the religious text written in Odisha known as ‘Niladri Mohadaya’, Snana Yatra, is believed to be a tribal ceremony. That’s why, till today the ‘Suaras ‘ (tribal) and the ‘Daitas’ have the exclusive right to conduct the festival of Snana Yatra.

The deities are brought to the Snana Bedi a day prior to the Purnima and the rituals are done the next day during morning hours.

On this auspicious day after the Maha Arti , the Suaras and Mahasuaras go in a ceremonial procession to fetch 108 pots of water from the Golden well called Suna Kua which remains untouched even from the shadow of animals.

During this entire journey they cover their mouth and nose with a piece of cloth so as to not contaminate the water with their breath. These pots filled with water are kept in the Bhoga Mandap and purified with Haladi (turmeric), Java (whole rice), Sandal (Chandan), flowers and perfumes by the Priests.

The Murtis are covered in silk cloth and smeared with Red Abir before the bathing ceremony. The Suaras again carry the pots from the Bhoga mandap to the Snana Bedi (bathing platform) for the ritual of Jaladhibasa and then water is poured over the deities.

Once the bathing ceremony is over the deities are dressed in Gajanana Bhesa. Together they appear like the image of Ganesha. This is done because at the time of the holy shower the color painted on the deities gets blurred. Seeing the faded look of their beloved Gods might hurt the sentiments of the devotees. Thus the Murtis are dressed as Ganesha so they remain secure and covered.

A long bath has consequences even for the Gods !! Balarama, Subhadra and Jagannath fall sick and are kept away in isolation for a period of 15 days.

This period is called as Anabasara meaning an improper time of worship. Within these 15 days the Suaras and Daitas repaint the idols. Yes! This is such a difficult process that it takes an entire fortnight. After the completion of 15 days, on the 16th day the Deities give Darshan to the devotees in a new look which is called Naba Youbana.

With this story we from team Duhieta would like to wish each one of you, a very happy Debasnana Purnima 😊😊 – Arpita, Founder Duhieta.

Debasnana - Odisha
Jagannath, Balarama and Subhadra getting ready for Debasnana

What a beautiful tradition and so steeped in our glorious scriptures…. I can almost hear Jagannath, Balarama and Subhadra sneezing after their Debasnana 😁❤️.

Watch the short video of the Debasnana today –

We were planning to visit Odisha this month to witness the Debasnana and the Ratha Yatra, but canceled the trip as we have our dear friends visiting us. Bhagwan Jagannath hopefully will approve our visit next year and bless us with his Darshan. 🙏🏿

Debasnana - Sudarsan Sand art
This is the Sand Art by Sudarsan for Debasnana 2016

Jai Jagannath !!

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