Dear PM Modi – A Dream to Fulfil

Dear PM Modi ji – Krishnan and I listened to your address to the nation on India’s Independence Day from the ramparts of the Red Fort. As always, you were inspiring and am sure every Indian feels a sense of pride when seeing our growth as a nation. You have kept up every promise you made to the nation. Your mantra of reform-perform-transform will be spoken of for decades.

For us as well, this is the 10th speech of India’s Prime Minister on our Independence Day that we are listening to in full. Before 2014, we haven’t heard a single PM’s speech on Independence Day. That speaks volumes about your tenure and you as a leader. We love Bharat, and hope to be born as an Indian in every life.

PM Modi - Independence Day

When we went through our bankruptcy in 1996, many people suggested that we should go out of India to improve our financial condition. But we were very clear that we will succeed in turning around our lives in India. The good karma of our elders, forefathers, the blessings of our parents and the support of our friends helped us get back on our feet.

I particularly liked the last part of your speech – you mentioned the three evils that are holding us back as a nation. Corruption, Dynastic Politics and Appeasement. Totally spot on Modiji. Unfortunately, corruption has entered into our DNA and it has to be genetically modified. For once genetic modification is a good thing.

As far as dynastic politics is concerned, that too stems from corruption. Nearly every party in the opposition is a dynastic party – father to son/daughter to grandson/granddaughter. And Appeasement just doesn’t allow meritocracy to flourish. We need to root out all these three evils.

A Dream to Fulfil

Since you promised to create conditions such that every Indian can fulfil their dreams, I thought of asking your help to fulfil a dream of mine.

Next year when you address the nation on Independence Day I would like to be your chauffeur and drive you to the Red Fort. Am a competent driver and can undergo additional training as required. Krishnan and my background can be verified from any angle and you won’t find anything that gives the security agencies any cause for concern.

Again, borrowing your statement from today’s speech – now the ball is in your court. :):)

Hoping that my dream will be fulfilled PM Modi ji.

7 thoughts on “Dear PM Modi – A Dream to Fulfil”

  1. Bindu,
    Inspiring, as always. Thank you for writing this in English. Today, August 15, 2023, a Tuesday where I live, at 10 am, Eastern Daylight time in the US, I have a busy day ahead, a doctor’s appointment mid-afternoon, but I need to get my two chickens moved first. Thundershowers are expected later in the day, so I need to post this and put the phone on the charger. Later, I would like to comment more on Modi ji’s speech and the dream you would like to see fulfilled. I think I would like him, too.

  2. Wow, what a great dream. Fantastic Bindu.

    Somehow, make your dream reach Modi. This dream coming from a self made woman like you, I am sure if he gets to know about it, he will oblige. And what a honour for you if you can drive the PM on next Independance day.

    Good luck.


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