Day of dilemma

Today started with a dilemma – the age old one… Do I use an “agent” to get my degree certificate or do I just follow the process and get it ? Why the dilemma ? With the Anna movement the one big question that creeps in is how far has corruption seeped into our psyche ? My first reaction when I thought of getting my degree certificate was to look for a a shortcut !! How sad and really sad since I would generally want to get things the right way without paying a bribe or an agent. I just presumed that the regular process will take time. But well, I will be following the regular process and get some help to expedite the process. Not entirely right….

And then driving to work, had this moron who crossed in a cycle right in front of my car as soon as the traffic light turned green. I didn’t honk, but I had half a mind to get out of the car and ask him a few questions – starting with whether he was blind or just plain stupid ? This is such typical behaviour from Delhi/Haryana men…. A woman driving a a car needs to know she is just a woman, inferior to men.

Ha ha ha …. Someday this will change or some women will need 007 license to kill such creatures :):):):):)

What a great day at work though. PMO through, 2012 priorities finalised … And some great feedback. Will I ever stop being as expressive as I am ? Like I said to Shakun, I can’t hide my true feelings and they are out in the open. I have to think of how to turn that into a strength.

Enough thinking for today !

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