Dangerous intersection

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Am sure people in Gurgaon will know this intersection very well. Yes, it is the Huda City Centre intersection … Intersection seems a simple word for it. Its a multiple-intersection and a nightmare at any time of the day and late in the night too.

Just four years back, we Pedalyatris used to call this the Park Plaza roundabout and some of the weekend rides to Bhondsi or Sultanpur etc would have this as TP2. There was no Fortis hospital then.

Today we have people crossing everywhere especially when the traffic lights turn green – a big group will start crossing and hold up traffic. At all times, people run across to Fortis …. Almost getting ready to reach emergency directly 🙁 or worse be DOA. A week back, Krishnan and I were returning late at night and an educated citizen in a Renault Duster car was at the extreme left lane and tried to turn right, right in front of our car. I nearly stood on the horn in annoyance and the guy puts on the distress lights and just stops in the middle of the road !! I nearly hit him and the next thing I know he comes a little ahead and takes that right turn :(:(

Everyday when I am returning from office, I find hordes of people running across and dodging cars – disaster just waiting to happen. I even saw a man on a horse crossing the road when the traffic light was green and he was grinning … Many people’s BP was through the roof in those few seconds.

Why don’t we have walking over bridges and make it a criminal offence to cross the road when the traffic light is green ? Better still, the driver of the automobile should not be penalised if he hits a pedestrian when the traffic light is green. I love the idea that motor vehicles stop for pedestrians but India needs to evolve to that level of sophistication and we have a small group of 30 people crossing everytime :(. Do schools teach children how to behave in traffic ? What do the lights mean ?

I recently read in the papers that the fines for traffic offences have been increased – it will just mean that people will pay more to the cops and get away still. We need to have video cameras everywhere, at all traffic lights and more than two offences, the vehicle should be taken away. Don’t take the license or cancel the license because that can be made again from some other place :(:(. Just take the car/bike/truck/bus. That will put some fear into people.

I wonder what people in NCR say now when the cop stops them – they obviously cannot know Mr. Modi :):):).

Need changes in this area and fast. Till then drive safe !

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