Daily Gratitude

Today I am grateful to my IIM Ahmedabad, MEP batchmates for having reconnected with me.

I did the MEP program at IIM, Ahmedabad at the turn of the millennium 1999-2000. At that time it was a 4.5-5 months, full time residential program targeting professionals with more than 15+ years of work experience who did not have the time to do the 2 year PGP program. We were a batch of about 50 with diverse experience. For me it was a great exposure to be in the company of such brilliant batchmates and also to learn from some of the world’s best professors, my favourite being, Prof. Ravichandran.

I joined this program with two motives – first, maximise learning in subjects like strategy and finance and two, get the coveted certificate from IIM, Ahmedabad that would help me get a better job opportunity then. In fact, financially I was going through the worst phase of my life. We were bankrupt !!! Completion of the MEP Program at IIM, Ahmedabad was one of the solutions that Bindu and I had identified to come out of our financial hole.

Within a couple of years of completing the MEP, we had repaid all our loans and paid the downpayment for our apartment. Therefore I have a very positive association and very fond memories of the program. A big part of the fond memories were my beloved batchmates, but without social media and cell phones at that time, I lost touch with all of them except Piyank. Then in 2017, Harsh got in touch with me through Linkedin. I was absolutely thrilled to have gotten in touch with him. Harsh in turn added me to the MEP WhatsApp group and I was back in touch with most of my batchmates. A very special thank you, Harsh.

WhatsApp bridged the gap in communication and soon we were all updated about each other’s achievements, learnings and progress in life. Another special thank you to Andy who has kept our group together with his patience and persistence over the last two decades.

Then came the Chinese virus, and the lockdown that followed. It was time for us to have a reunion over a video call. 25 of us got together through a Zoom call in April 2020, and it was wonderful to “see” and “hear” each other after 20 years. We committed to remain connected over video and the second Zoom call happened last Saturday. We discussed ways and means of harnessing the potential in the group and lots of ideas and suggestions came up, to be actioned soon.

My heartfelt gratitude to all my batchmates at MEP for remaining friends and of course for re-connecting…

IIM Ahmedabad
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