Cream and Black !

I love black saris … its the true LBD according to me. Nothing makes a woman look as sexy as a stunning black sari :). As long as I was working, I would wear black on Fridays. It gave me a kick to wear a so-called “negative” colour on a positive day because it made me feel very positive.

Well, the following sari is a black handloom Sambalpuri. I don’t remember where and when I bought it. I think I bought it at Kalpana, at DLF City Centre, but am not sure. I didn’t know it was a Sambalpuri till the W3 group enlightened me. Hope am guessing it right. It feels cool to wear it as its a handwoven cotton.

sambalpuri black 2

sambalpuri black 1

The neckpiece is from the shop at the Vadodara palace. Its wooden pieces in the  form of a leaf, strung together. Fits this sari perfectly.

The next sari is a Taant and a gift from my dear friend Kashiana. This is a quintessential cream :).

cream taant

Needless to say, the cotton is breezy and just right for the hot summer. This sari has a mix of grey borders and the “buttas” right through the body of the sari are in grey and white. I wore it with a neckpiece from Desh Maheshwari. The following picture is one of Krishnan’s favourite – it got clicked accidentally, as I was asking him to get a closeup of the neckpiece to showcase the stones.

closeup with cream taant

All photo credits go to Krishnan.

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