Chennai walks – PIP

Those from the BPO world will wonder as they see the title of this blog … this abbreviation means something not nice. In the BPO world, PIP almost always means, performance improvement plan and it usually doesn’t end well. I am using this abbreviation for another thing in Chennai that needs immediate fixing.

A week back as my mother and I stepped out for our morning walk, and took the right turn after the temple near our house, we saw a well dressed man (silk veshti, maroon color silk angavastram), standing and peeing …. and peeing right outside his house !! I was too shocked otherwise I would have clicked a picture and posted it on social media :(. There was some sort of religious ceremony or “function” at his house and there were a few more people there who were all dressed well. This guy who am sure is educated, couldn’t even rush into a toilet or atleast go far from his house before pissing.

In our last visit I saw that several road corners have urinals precisely for such “gents” who think pissing in public is being macho. But those corner urinals remain empty and I found “gents” standing right next to the urinal and peeing into the wall.  Now we just have to hope that the wonderful man who has been chosen as the CM doesn’t encourage macho behaviour from the Yum-Yell-Yeh’s. What strange things one prays for these days !

So the PIP in the title of my blog stands for “Pissing in Public” which some of my dear Chennai-wasis seem to not mind, but its not acceptable. There can’t be a PIP for PIP, because it just has to stop. Will the Mami’s smack their “chella” boys if they pee in public? and while they are at it, can they smack their dhoti clad “mama’s” too ?? There is nothing macho about this. Its uncivilised.

I had written earlier about this – Every wall, urinal … and that was inspired by what happened in Hyderabad. Its not a north-south, east-west issue – its just an attitude that needs to change and fast.

Kadavule ! 🙁

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