Change before change… After is too late !

One of my friends posted this picture on our whatsapp group.


The above quote aptly sums up something that I have been wanting to write about. In the last two weeks I have been getting my kitchen and a bedroom redone. Yes, am ready to tear my hair out because of the delays, but there is one story there, that has huge relevance to our lives.

There was one supervisor who came in the first three days, who was a really nice person but who managed to raise my blood pressure every time he reached for his measuring tape. I couldn’t understand why he had to measure the same spot about 20 times even after he noted stuff down in a notebook. And the carpenters got nothing done …. Then a smarter supervisor came and I asked him, as to why this other supervisor keeps measuring things so many times over ! What the smarter supervisor told me was that this guy was a whiz at working with wood, the traditional way, he had no understanding of modular furniture ….

In times of change, the learned find themselves beautifully equipped for a world that no longer exists !! Now this learned supervisor who is a whiz with wood is working in a world that has moved onto modular furniture and his is a world that does not exist. This is not just a carpenter’s story – this story is repeated everyday at work. People just refuse to see the waves of change coming sooner and each one bigger than the other and are hoping that their domain will remain untouched by change.

Well, change is the new plague and it will kill if you don’t take the vaccine in time. You take vaccines “before” the onset of disease, so change “before” the change. You take antibiotics once infected … And some diseases have no cure. Likewise some changes will leave you without any recourse.

Remain learners and be willing to change – the future is here or feel free to remain in the hope that your domain will not change and become obsolete. Just a few things that you thought will ever change … That one day, you will touch a screen and execute a set of commands, that one day, you won’t wait for 10 pm to make that STD call at a reduced rate, that one day, you will pay money for water or make Bisleri water at home, that one day, you can participate in a wedding through video, free, that one day, you will know what’s cooking in your friend’s house in the US every day.. I can go on.

Remain learners and change before change happens … Late to this party is not fashionable !

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