Chanderi Fort

Nov 10, 2022 – Shishupala’s Chanderi

We stayed for just a night at Chanderi on Nov 9. Ofcourse my main focus was to meet Lala Ram, the Master weaver and buy sarees from him. Do read – Pranpur Village, Chanderi. We didn’t realise how historic the fort was !! There are apparently several temples and other places to see in and around Chanderi. Probably we need a three day stay next time.

Hotel Kila Kothi – Fort Bungalow

MP Tourism has a hotel right next to the fort called Kila Kothi. It’s a Bungalow converted into a hotel. The hotel has large airy rooms beautifully appointed and maintained spotlessly clean. The Khansama makes absolutely amazing food and overall the service makes you feel good. Would highly recommend staying here.

We woke up early on Nov 10th and I wanted to click a few pictures of the Sunrise. I did manage to capture some stunning photographs. Sharing a couple here –

Sunrise Chanderi Fort
Sunrise Chanderi Fort
Sunrise Chanderi Fort
Kila Kothi Chanderi Fort
Hotel Kila Kothi, Chanderi – in the evening
Chanderi Fort
A view from Kila Kothi of the Chanderi Fort

As we had a very short distance to cover on Nov 10th, we decided to go for our morning walk to the Fort. Little did we know that it was massive and historic. The entrance is very deceptive. The Chanderi Fort is built by Raja Kirti Pal. Several rulers subsequently conquered Chanderi – Alauddin Khilji, Mughals, Bundela Kings and the Scindias. Currently the fort belongs to the Scindia family.

Chanderi finds mention in Mahabharata as it was ruled by the Chedi dynasty. Shishupala, Bhagwan Krishna’s cousin ruled over this place.

There are a few buildings inside the fort complex, including a palace, a mosque, Jauhar Smarak and the Samadhi of Baiju Bawra, the legendary singer. As soon as you walk in you find the Jauhar Smarak on your left, then the samadhi of Baiju Bawra. A little further there is a direction board that says “khooni darwaza”.

Jauhar Smarak - Chanderi Fort
Jauhar Smarak
Baiju Bawra Samadhi - Chanderi Fort
Baiju Bawra Samadhi
Khooni Darwaza, Chanderi Fort
Way to Khooni Darwaza

If you follow the way to Khooni Darwaza you come to a massive gate. Convicts were thrown off the top of the door and obviously they died as the path from the fort and the walls are all made of stones.

Chanderi Fort Door - Massive
The massive door and the path leading down to the town
Chanderi Fort Door path

When we walked in there was nobody around. As we went to the ramparts of the fort, a gentleman was meditating and then he did some yoga before leaving the area. As you take the stone hewn path in front of the khooni darwaza you come upon the mosque and the palace on your right and the ramparts right in front of you. The rampart walls are wide and we could walk across and see the Chanderi town below.

Chanderi Fort
The way leading to the ramparts
Chanderi Fort
About the Chanderi Fort
Chanderi Fort
Mosque ? or more likely a mandir turned into a mosque since it has so many pillars
Chanderi Fort
Palace quarters?
Chanderi Fort
Amma standing near one of the flowering plants – the palace in the background

Please do watch the video I shot from the ramparts of the fort. Haven’t added any commentary because birds were chirping and Hanuman Chalisa was playing in the background. A request to follow my YouTube channel for more such videos. Thanks in advance.

We certainly intend to spend a couple of days in Chanderi next time to take in the sights.

Chanderi is a beautiful historic place and the weaving done here traces its roots back to the Mahabharata period. Do visit and do buy handloom sarees from here besides visiting the tourist spots.

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