Candle March For Dreaded Gangster Atiq Ahmed

….. I saw this call for a candle march for Atiq Ahmed, the dreaded gangster who was shot dead a couple of days back and I immediately thought of Osama Bin Laden. Just imagine if somewhere in the US, people had taken out a candle march for Osama after he was killed. Sounds ludicrous ? Well, that exactly how a march for Atiq Ahmed sounds !!!

This isn’t a joke folks .. this is real. 😳

Who is Atiq Ahmed ?

This mafia don had assets worth 11,684 Crores, 160 cases against him with most of them for murder, and he had ties with ISI, the Pakistani spy organisation (read terror outfit). Some BBC joker (journalist 🙄) has likened this man to Robin Hood. Seriously ?? Since when did Robin Hood murder innocent people or molested minors or grabbed land from regular citizens ?

Was it a lapse in his security that someone could shoot him down? Probably and the Supreme Court has ordered an inquiry into the incident. But to make a saint out of a dreaded criminal just because he happens to be a Muslim and a politician is totally unjustified.

Why doesn’t the Bakwaas Broadcasting Company (BBC) report about the other Robin Hood who was killed in an encounter a couple of days before Atiq Ahmed ? His name happens to be Aditya Rana. Is that why the news wasn’t newsworthy ? So who is being the bigot here !!

Please read the following thread by @MumbaichaDon to understand what really happened to the Noble Soul Atiq Ahmed


This #Thread is In honour of Noble Soul #AtiqAhmad !

There are lot of Speculations over who got #AtiqueAhmad ki££ed, especially after he admitted his connections with #ISI ? It's said that he was about to expose details on his Political Bosses!

Who are THOSE?

So who are those Political Bosses?

I'm not in #CBI or #UPSTF to answer this, but can give you details on Political Career of #AtiqAhmad . Who must have been his Political Bosses with SAID proximity with #ISI Your Guess then!

Ready? Shall I proceed?

#AtiqAhmad , a dreaded criminal in Allahabad entered Crime World in 1979. He had around 100+ criminal cases against him wrt Murders, Rapes,Extortions & Land-grab.

He held honour of being 1st person to be booked under Gangster Act in #UttarPradesh

Good for Political Entry?

So...political journey begins!

#AtiqAhmad won his 1st election from Allahabad West seat as Independent Candidate. He retained his seat in next 2 consecutive elections before being spotted by #SamajwadiParty who always was in search of SUCH TALENT to reach Greater feats.

And so his 4th win was on ticket of #SamajwadiParty. This cosy relationship continued till 1999 when #AtiqAhmad resigned from #SamajwadiParty .

#AtiqAhmed joined Apna Dal & was it's President btwn 1999-2003. #AtiqueAhmad won 2002 MLA election on Apna Dal ticket.


For how long LIKE MINDED people can stay away from each other?

#AtiqAhmad made comeback to #SamajwadiParty & was elected as MP from #UttarPradesh 's Phulpur in 2004 #loksabha election.

#AtiqueAhmed resigned in 2004 as MLA as he was elected as MP & By-poll was announced.

Noble soul #AtiqAhmad was too happy when Raju Pal from Mayawati's BSP won 2004 By-poll defeating Atiq's brother #AshrafAhmad .He murdered Raju Pal in Jan 2005 in THIS state of Happiness.

But..this media & public! Without valuing Atiq's feeling, they made huge hue & cry.

Unfortunately for #AtiqAhmad , Mayawati became CM in 2007 & turned heat on Noble Soul #AtiqAhmed due to which he had to surrender in 2008.

#SamajwadiParty had to expel him ONLY to give him candidature in 2014 Lok Sabha Elections. @yadavakhilesh always stands with Seculars.

But because of #Modi wave, poor guy lost election.

2014 Lok Sabha election was last tryst with politics for #AtiqAhmad, But his Business of Crime World expanded manifold, thanks to @yadavakhilesh who became CM in 2012. Both Seculars prospered TOGETHER till 2017.

सब खुश।

Sadly, Extremist CM @myogiadityanath took over in 2017 & tortured Dreaded Noble Soul like #AtiqAhmad

This is Political Career of #AtiqueAhmed & now guess his Political Bosses who PEOPLE Say got him eliminated to hide #ISI connections!

Better to leave somethings unsaid!

I request to you to retweet max as my account is heavily reported to kill my reach for exposing lies & agenda of Anti-Bharat forces. So pls retweet max if you agree with my above information. We can break such False Narratives ONLY by showing unity. Thank all in advance 🙏


Do you still want to cry for him ?

Most of the western newspapers are carrying headlines that say “Former MP and his brother shot dead” or “Lawmaker and his brother shot dead”. It’s truly laughable. Its like saying “former associate of POTUS George Bush Jr, Osama Bin Laden, killed in Pakistan”… The white man has much to learn before behaving condescendingly.

Watch this news video about former lawmaker who was shot dead !

Sleep Well Folks. The world is rid of two dreaded criminals.

5 thoughts on “Candle March For Dreaded Gangster Atiq Ahmed”

  1. I’m ready to believe anything, to a point. That some would rally around such a long-term criminal, who is glorified by Western media, shows how propaganda works against those most affected. As you suggest, those most distant and only marginally touched, are most arrogant and insulting in their cannonization of Atiq Ahamd.

  2. Thank you. I strive to understand others’ perspectives. Your appreciation of that means a lot to me. Even though you live on the other side of the world, I feel connected by our shared interests in books, the environment, social and political issues. The glimpses you provide of your world and culture are rich and inspiring.

    Where else could I get such a valuable education?

  3. “Lawmaker” Atiq! One of the two (Bhakwas Broadcasting Corp. or Chamcha News Network) called him that, and said security in UP is now a concern. Anyone with common sense would say that getting rid of gangsters/murderers improves the security situation. But then what better can we expect of the two ?! Also, it takes a special kind of depravity to call for a candle light vigil for cold-blooded murderers.


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