Can you share your knowledge ? Please 

At work and even in your personal space, do you enjoy sharing what you know ? Doesn’t it give you an ego boost when you share your knowledge of solving a Math problem easily, with you daughter and she squeals with delight ? 

It’s the same at work … If you share your knowledge with your colleague, your team members, your peers, your boss, ok maybe not your boss, it helps them do something more with it. You gain newer insights as you explain how you do something. A good teacher always remain current and up-to-date. So as someone who shares his/her knowledge you will remain relevant and always up-to-date. 

Remember if you don’t share, the internet will or someone else will. And hoarding knowledge is silly, unintelligent. Knowledge is power so long as it is fresh and flowing, just like a river. Let’s say you are the best programmer on the team and you refuse to share your methods and techniques. The organization will not let you go and will keep paying you a little more, till soon, someone else who is slightly better will arrive on the scene and suddenly you have no job. On the contrary if you had shared your methods and techniques and moved ahead to learn other skills besides just being an ace programmer, you stand a better chance of remaining valuable. 

Work from an abundance mindset, because the world is abundant – there is no scarcity. We have created scarcity by hoarding or wasting resources. So share your knowledge freely and gain a lot more in exchange !

Happy weekend. 

1 thought on “Can you share your knowledge ? Please ”

  1. Sharing, whether it is Knowledge, Information brings delight to the mind. Hoarding anything, whether Knowledge, information or money would stink if it is not allowed a free flow like a river.


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