Book Review – Tathastu

Disclaimer – this book is written by a very very dear friend. Not just her, but her entire family is very dear to us.

Here is the review that I posted on Amazon –

“This is a just-in-time book.  What I mean by that is, when you are struggling for a different  perspective and can’t lay your hands on a self help book or can’t reach out to anyone, this book will be a huge help.  
Each story offers Usha’s persepective and is short enough for you to read in a few minutes – and it feels like you have someone talking to you.  
Thanks for the mention Usha. Reading the book was like talking to you – and that’s difficult to do with a book.  Please don’t stop with this one book. Continue writing more of them.  Lots of love and a virtual hug. “
All I will add to the above review is that please buy the book because not just is it a lovely read, the proceeds go to an amazing NGO – Sevalaya.
Sevalaya is a valued partner of ShikshaDaan and Murali, the founder of Sevalaya, is truly making a difference to the community. Would want to support every effort of his.

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