Book Review – Mission Shengzhan

I found this book accidentally for I don’t know the authors. Maroof Raza had posted his comments for this book so I immediately pre-booked it. Am glad I did. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this rather topical novel !! No marks for guessing the plot in Mission Shengzhan – how the pandemic is China’s deep state’s tool to rule the world.

I also didn’t know that one of the authors Tuhin Sinha is a member of the BJP and its spokesperson. He has written ten books. The other author Clark Prasad has written another best seller titled “Baramulla Bomber”. I plan on buying that book too as I like the way this book is written.

Maroof’s comment for Mission Shengzhan is, “The book informs the reader rather accurately about how China’s deep state plans to dominate the world through what experts call ‘Unrestricted Warfare. It shoud be the one novel that anyone should read in these post COVID-19 times because it could just become true”. How I wish it doesn’t come true 🙁

Mission Shengzhan

While its a work of fiction, it shows how far China has penetrated into the political system, armed forces, NGOs and academia. Its left to the reader to connect the dots with real life incidents that we have all witnessed.

An excerpt from the book “.. This was done to create a negative impression of the Indian state in the mind of young Indians. This was the new battlefront of asymmetrical warfare.”

What clearly comes through is the fact that India is the biggest thorn in China’s hide (pun intended). All its dreams of global domination will not work so long as India remains a strong, democratic, growing nation. All the more reason for us to work towards India’s growth.

The Wuhan virus was/is meant to be a bio-terror weapon according to this book. How ominous does bio-terror sound !!

I have not mentioned the plot nor given away any names because it would spoil the fun of reading the book. Its very well written and with a very interesting plot that has a lot of real life stuff woven into it.

I definitely recommend this book !

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