Book review – India’s biggest cover-up – no longer just a book !!

I had posted this on Jan 23rd and for the past two days Netaji is back in the news … watching Arnab debating about the files and I just wish Sharmistha, President Pranab Mukherjee’s daughter is valiantly trying to defend the CONgress. She seems rattled … wonder how rattled the CON leadership team is :(. I really wish the truth is brought out soon and Netaji can be given his right place in our history. And Sharmistha seems to be trying hard to take Renuka Choudhary’s place with the “eye rolls” and trying to shout down whoever else is saying anything. The dying CONgress finishing school is turning out these type of women leaders one after the other !! Sad.


It’s coincidental that I finished reading one of the best books written about Netaji just a day before his 118th birthday. The author, Anuj Dhar has to be complimented for his research into the mystery of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s life. The twists and turns are fascinating.

It seems amply clear that Netaji didn’t die in the plane crash at Taipei. It looks like the crash never even happened. He seems to have escaped to Soviet Russia and then the mystery continues with the still mysterious “Bhagwanji”. Justice Mukherjee let slip that he thought Bhagwanji was Netaji. The handwriting analysis is fascinating and the attempts to cover up again are sad, utterly sad.

My deduction is that Netaji seems to have worked against the current day super power and that’s why the Govt of India is unable to declassify the secret files on him. What comes blaring through Anuj Dhar’s research is Netaji’s deep love for India and his unbelievable charisma that seems to reach out of the black and white pages. What’s also loud and clear is the treachery and small-mindedness of some that we laud as our political luminaries. Netaji towers over almost the entire pantheon of freedom fighters…. What a loss, that he couldn’t lead the “free” India.

I do hope that someday, the truth would prevail and Netaji’s contribution to our freedom struggle would be recognised. This is one true “Bharat Ratna” that was lost to us. Please do read the book and let’s continue to put pressure on the current government to tell us the truth, because it’s amply clear to anyone who reads the book, that Netaji was a patriot and did everything that he thought was right for India. He cannot be left unsung.

Happy birthday Netaji.


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