Book Review – Gray Mountain

I have liked almost every book that I have read of John Grisham’s except his first one “A Time to Kill” and now “Gray Mountain” is the other one I don’t like. The story is insipid and you just get a lot of knowledge about the “black lung” disease that coal miners end up dying of. The plot goes all over the place – a father who is reckless and the daughter getting thrown out of her plum “big law” corporate job…. landing up in Appalachia country and meeting another reckless young lawyer with a sob story that makes you sob because its so loosely crafted.

Suddenly that young lawyer is killed off and his non-lawyer brother and this lady lawyer have a “no-strings” attached affair. And then suddenly she receives an amazing offer from her former boss that she nearly accepts but the novel ends abruptly with her wanting to stay with the “legal aid” charity organization that she is interning for …

I never understood how a novel could be ghost written but am sure this is ghost written by a really bad ghost who should stop writing altogether 🙂 and John Grisham must find some other ghost to write his novels.

So “Gray Mountain” is definitely not recommended. Do not buy it !

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