Bharat Bandh – नहीं होगा

Today the motley opposition has announced a Bharat Bandh…. if the right thinking citizens (pun intended) don’t stand up to this bluster, the commies and the libtards will hold this country to ransom again and again.

Who is calling for this Bharat Bandh ?

Its a bunch of “leaders” who have gotten fat feeding off the poorest of the poor, skimming welfare funds, having billions in Swiss banks….Identify them from the pics below and think whether you really believe they care about the farmer or you, the common citizen.

  • Bharat Bandh
  • Bharat Bandh
  • RaGa Farooq

What India misses today is a strong opposition. Politicians who are corruption free and have done work at the grass root level. We don’t need “intellectuals” and foreign professors sitting in their air-conditioned rooms to pontificate :(.

All right thinking citizens should listen to this video a 100 times and choose only those “leaders” who do the work, who deliver on their promises and focus on India’s growth, not on growing their personal bank balances.

Stopping Vs Making the Nation

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is spot on !! This is from June 2014, so HMVs can also listen to it because its hardly a few days after Mr. Modi had taken oath for his first term. We need to stop supporting those who stop work..

Right to Protest

The constitution provides every citizen the Right to Protest, but it also provides every citizen the Right to Work. Its high time that people using their Right to Protest stop impinging on those exercising the Right to Work. My suggestion to the Govt. is to build a park in every major city as the designated “Protest Park”. People who want to protest about anything, can go to these parks and keep protesting, while those who want to work can continue working.

Dear PM Modi – I stand with you !

Several of my friends sent me posters that said, “I stand with the PM” and Twitter is full of them. I too stand with the PM. The farm bills cannot/should not be revoked. The very fact that the rich-middlemen-turned-politicians are against the farm bills, is reason enough to implement them. India’s poorest farmer Sharad Pawar wanted these very reforms 15 years back, but nothing happened. Today when the changes have been implemented he is against them ??? And mind you, he is the poorest farmer that India has ever seen !

Bharat Bandh
I stand with PM Modi

Updates on the Bharat Bandh

I collected these screenshots from Twitter and online news portals …

Well, all of us literate people have sufficient intelligence to draw our own conclusions notwithstanding our biases. Should you choose to logically evaluate the situation, the farm bills do help the farmer, and these “hartals” and “bandhs” need to be a thing of the past. They are vestiges of communism, a drain on the country and only serve a political purpose. There are several inimical forces at work to truly shut down India. Anyone who supports those forces is no patriot.

Make informed decisions and stop supporting Indians who are enemies of India. Bharat Bandh नहीं होगा !!! Neither today, nor tomorrow, nor ever.

#IStandWithPMModi #हर शहर चालू है #BharatBandhNahiHoga

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