Baba Rajesh Ki Jai ho ! 

We went to Kumar Sweets in Dehradun nearly every day … The first time we went we thought of having lunch, but went to the main store near the Clock Tower and they only have “chaat”. The owner was so sweet that he convinced us to have the amazing “chaat” as lunch and ensured we got things to eat without buying the token even. You know what that kind of service does to people – from curious customers you become loyal customers and we did become deeply loyal customers !

While browsing things to eat, we chanced upon this “Paneer Jalebi”… And me being a Jalebi fan obviously wanted to eat it. So after all the “chaat” I asked for a plate of Paneer Jalebi. Here’s a pic for all those who are salivating … Including me. 

So I had another plateful on Krishnan’s birthday. Then we decided to get two boxes of 1/2 kilo each packed for Rajesh and us. Just the day before we left from Dehradun, we got these packed and once we reached sweltering hot Gurgaon, I put these boxes inside the fridge because I didn’t want them getting spoilt. I told Rajesh that I have got the Jalebi for him and need to drop it off. And Baba Rajesh quipped “Why don’t you guys eat it, we are not so fond of Jalebi and anyway Jalebi, jalebi pe Likha hai khane wale ka naam” … I tried being nice and told him, “no, we got it for you and you have to eat it.”. We polished off our 1/2 kilo a couple of days back … Eating with a lot of restraint so we could enjoy it for a long time. 

Finally Rajesh got an evening free to meet us and I took their 1/2  kilo out, kept it along with the other dry stuff that I had to handover and the book I had got for Seema. We were out for a walk with Amma and just got back home, picked up these things and went over. As we parked the car and took out the things to handover to Rajesh, we realised I had missed the Jalebi box :(:(. I was genuinely upset. Anyway, we got back and I put the box back in the fridge, hoping it wouldn’t spoil. 

Finally, yesterday greed overcame good intentions … Because we realised it will be a few more days before we can hand over the box to Rajesh and the Jalebis may not survive that long. So, to make Baba Rajesh’s prediction come true, we ate the Jalebis yesterday… Have left one piece to be eaten today by ME and ME only :):):). 

Rajesh, we owe you the Paneer Jalebi treat from Kumar Sweets… And these ones had our name on them !! Oh am salivating again. Off to eat the last piece. 

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