Asymmetric information and its fallout

I first heard of information, data and Trust asymmetry in my Term 8 at ISB. Read about it here – Term 8 – Asymmetric Trust and climbing the Everest. That term was about strategic alliances and how asymmetry of trust affects partnerships. Its very relevant in the political context too, especially w.r.t India.

There are several inimical forces that are working against India – religious fanaticism, left leaning “liberals”, religious conversions, touts posing as journalists, well fed media houses, George Soros (!@#$%&), pharma companies, China, Pakistan, cyber criminals, drug lords, world famous economists and dooms day predictors ! All these forces are working at the same time overtly, covertly and at very different levels.

The challenge that the Modi government faces is unprecedented. That they have managed to successfully implement so many mega projects despite these forces working overtime, shows Mr. Modi’s tenacity and capability besides his leadership skills. Jan Dhan Yojana, Swacch Bharat Mission, Pahal Scheme, Ayushman Bharat Yojana, Mudra Yojana, Beti Bachan Beti Padhao yojana, Make In India, J&K integration, Digital India Mission, Triple Talaq bill, Startup India, Standup India …. each of these is a mega project that has been delivered. Besides, the infrastructure projects are massive. Solar power generation, electricity self sufficiency and reach, well, I can go on.

The Covid response of GoI has been amazing. The lockdown period was used to build the healthcare infrastructure. For e.g, we have become the largest producer of PPE kits from being importers ! or manufacturing the testing kits inexpensively. No riots took place because the public distribution system worked minus the ghosts :). Read One Nation One Ration Card Scheme to know about these ghosts.

I was truly surprised that a man of Joseph Stiglitz’s stature would stoop to this level. Read Sanjeev Sanyal’s response to Stiglitz’s under researched, uninformed article on India’s Covid response. To lump us with the US and Brazil which have totally mismanaged their response to the pandemic, is not just unfair, but reeks of racist disdain. I am not qualified to rebut Joseph Stiglitz, but Sanjeev is and he has done it in style.


The link to Sanjeev Sanyal’s tweet – Why Joseph Stiglitz is wrong on India’s Covid response.

Sanjeev has posted a correction on Twitter –

Asymmetric Trust indeed !

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