Anti-India Ecosystem Gearing Up !

Do read the article at the end of this blog, written by someone who was India’s representative in Iran. It’s quite an eye opener. We have our fair share of Hate Modi Voices and increasingly their tone is turning shrill. As the general elections of 2024 are a year and a half away, the attacks on India are increasing. The Anti-India ecosystem is gearing up 🤬

Bakwaas Broadcasting Company

It all started with the BBC’s “sham” video blaming Modiji for the Gujarat riots. The entire CON ecosystem erupted in India feeling elated that a “gora” channel has pulled down our PM. They have conveniently forgotten that 41 of their former MPs had wanted a ban on BBC in 1975… bunch of corrupt jokers :(.

Anti-India BBC

Bharat Jodo Yatra

Ofcourse before the video, the dynastic nincompoop started his “Bharat Jodo Yatra”. Don’t know if he learnt anything at all as several members of the anti-India cabal joined him on this Yatra.

Remember Bhagwan Krishna’s reply when asked as to why he allows Jarasandh, the King of Magadh to remain alive after defeating him every time ? Krishna said, he collects all my enemies in one place, making it easy for me to eliminate them, so its important that he stays alive. RaGa seems to be doing that for India – collecting all the Anti-India forces !!!

Sadly though most of them are spent forces if not for the CONgress’ money power. None of them can win a single vote if they were to stand for elections today anywhere in India.

The best result of the Bharat Jodo Yatra is the following 👇

Anti-India forces - Modi Ji's rating

The Adani Hit Job

I wonder how this cabal manages to find unknown players to trump up charges/play the market etc. It would be interesting if it weren’t damaging to India. The Hindenburg Research company makes money when the share price of the company they are researching about falls. No wonder they will have nothing good to say anyway !!!

Anti-India Adani hit job

Am not getting into the merit of their report that’s taken two years and the timing is hugely suspect, because am not qualified to do that. There are experts who have clearly called them out, and Adani’s share prices have bounced back ….. why the hit job ? if not to tarnish India’s rising power ?

They probably thought that targeting Adani would ding PM Modi … tough luck brothers, that ain’t happening.

In the run-up to the 2019 general elections we had the Rafale deal being dragged unnecessarily. Then the Cambridge Analytica drama was enacted. Ofcourse not to forget the winning slogan “Chowkidar Chop Hai” ensured Modiji got back as PM with higher number of seats :):):).

Expect a lot more to happen this time because rising India and PM Modi have rattled several vested lobbies – the Pharma lobby hates India because all their “get-rich-quickly” schemes have been turned into dust with India made vaccines. Reading the report on Pfizer’s vaccine and its side effects is like watching a horror movie all alone.

The arms lobby is up against India because of PM Modi’s “Make in India” push.

The US is buying Russian oil through India and Russia is getting paid in Rupees …… read it again and go verify from your trustworthy news channels :). No wonder they are seeing red (pun intended).

Read the following article with all this in the background for context and vote wisely when elections come around. Jai Hind.

#ModiHaiTohMumkinHai #BaarBaarModiSarkar

I studied Persian language in NDA & followed it up with an advanced Diploma from School of Foreign Languages. Also indulged in study of Persian Affairs and Area Studies. So I was naturally interested when I came across a write up about Iran. This is essentially a nationalistic writing, but makes an interesting read!

Iran 1951 and India 2022 : The similarities


Since Iran exports a huge amount of oil to India, whenever the Iran-US conflict escalates, it affects India as well, so our media shows a lot of news about it.

Have you ever wondered "Why Iranians call America "The Devil's Land"?

The British had historically dominated Iran's oil production, with 84% share of Iran's oil production going to England and only 16% to Iran.

The Emperor of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, was a corrupt man (अय्याश), so he didn't care!
Iran had a constitutional monarchy, also had elections, Parliament.

In 1951, Mohammed Mossadegh, a staunch patriot, became Prime Minister.

He did not like the dominance of foreign companies in Iran's oil production and trade.

On March 15, 1951, he presented a Bill for the nationalization of Iran's oil industry in Parliament, which was passed by majority.

After this Bill was passed, Iranians began to dream of happiness, that now their poverty would be removed!

Times magazine called Mossadegh "Man of the year" in 1951!

But due to these developments, the British lost a lot! The British started many small and big attempts to remove Mossadegh, tried to bribe Mossadegh, tried to assassinate Mossadegh, attempted a military coup, but because Mossadegh was very experienced and intelligent, the British assassination, bribery plots failed and Mossadegh was very popular among the Iranian people.

With a popular PM, military coup was not possible.

Finally the British asked for help from Americans.

America's CIA approved a $1 million fund to remove Mossadegh. Then one million US dollars equalled 4250 crore Rials (Iranian currency)!

The funds were sent to the American Ambassador in Tehran (the capital of Iran).

Mossadegh wanted to completely end the monarchy in Iran and give all the power to Parliament, so the Emperor of Iran was also on the side of England and Americans.

Their plan was to create discontent against Mossadegh and remove popular support from him, then overthrow his Government with the help of corrupt Parliamentarians.

A large number of Iranian journalists, editors, Muslim clerics were paid 631 crore Riyals by the US and those journalists, editors and Muslim clerics had only one thing to do in return, which was to incite the people against Mossadegh.

Members of the Iranian Parliament were paid 46 million Rials each to spread propaganda about Mossadegh's work.

Thousands of Iranians were paid to participate in the false protests.

Then started marches on the Parliament.

Big media around the world also started supporting American propaganda. Mossadegh began to be referred to as "the Dictator" in "The New York Times".

"Times" magazine called Mossadegh's choice dangerous.

Opposition to Mossadegh began at a very low level, with cartoons depicting him as gay.

Realizing that his Government was about to be overthrown by corrupt MPs, Mossadegh dissolved the Parliament, and finally the US forced the Iranian Emperor to remove Mossadegh from his post as Prime Minister. (Since Mossadegh had the authority to accept or reject the order, the Shah decided to arrest him if he refused the order!)

But Mossadegh's soldiers arrested the Army unit that had come to arrest him, and upon learning this, the Shah of Iran fled to Baghdad!

Finally, by paying a bribe of 210 million Rials, the US instigated fake riots in the capital of Iran, with mercenaries on the sides.

Rioters attacked Mossadegh's house, Mossadegh was forced to flee, (military helped in overthrow of Govt), a puppet was made the Prime Minister, citing the old order of the Emperor.

After the Emperor returned to Iran, Mossadegh surrendered, was put on trial, imprisoned, and then held under house arrest until his death. (Mossadegh died in custody at the age of 85.)

After that Americans and British started taking of share of 40% - 40% of Iranian oil and the remaining 20% was given to other European companies.

For decades the Iranian people had to live under the dictatorship of the Shah, a revolution ended the Monarchy but then the fanatical Khomeini came to power and made the lives of Iranian people even worse.

What was Mossadegh's crime ?
His idea that economic sectors of our country should be dominated by indigenous companies instead of foreign companies. This policy was his crime..? Under Mossadegh's leadership, Iran would have become a fully democratic country before 1955, and 100% of the oil production would have benefited Iran.

The decades of torture inflicted on the Iranian people would not have happened.

With a strong democracy and a Government that favors indigenous companies, Iran would probably be a more prosperous country than Saudi Arabia today. But Iran's corrupt parliamentarians, journalists, editors, protestors sold Iran's rich future for just one million dollars.

During this period of oppression, the Iranian people began to realize that America had a hand in overthrowing Mossadegh's Government.

In 1979, the Iranians detained Americans in the US embassy for 444 days, and 77 volumes of documents the Iranians found in the embassy were released. In which there was evidence of American hand and how they helped the oppressive puppets in Iran.

That's why Iranians call America, "Satan's Country"!

Mossadegh could not complete the policy of breaking the dominance of foreign companies and promoting indigenous companies, he made enemies with the two superpowers of the world. In the end he had an unfortunate end, as in Bollywood films the hero doesn't win every time.

Finally, who were the real villain for Iran..? Journalists, editors, MPs, activists who had been sold to America!

Had these people not been sold, the Iranian people would have stood behind Mossadegh, America would not have succeeded like England. But for few dollars, the patriotic leader of Iran was called "Kumshah" and soon the whole country was ruined!

Our country 'India' is also on the same path today.

It is a great misfortune that the common citizens do not notice the ongoing conspiracies, unless they suffer endless atrocities.

It is wise to be alert in time and not fall prey to this very corrupt media propaganda, trust our patriotic present Indian leadership and stand firmly behind it.

Otherwise a disaster like Iran is inevitable….and this is why intelligence agencies of big capitalist countries are working day and night. These intelligence agencies are making many politicians of India work as their agents and there are also some journalists, urban naxals, pseudo liberals and NGOs working with the aim of selling the country for dirty money.

It is no longer a secret that a campaign for regime change in India has been launched by foreign agencies

It is said that our destiny is in our own hands, we just need to understand it properly.

Jai Hind 🇮🇳 🚩

The author of this text was the representative of India in Iran.

9 thoughts on “Anti-India Ecosystem Gearing Up !”

  1. Bindu,
    You know I’ve followed your blog for years and learn about current events in India from you. I support PM Modi because you do, and I’m a believer in a nation’s right to self-determination.

    Also because human history fascinates me, I read a lot about how cultures different from mine have dealt with challenges over the centuries.

    You indicate the British and the US Americans colluded with Iran’s inner circles in bringing down Mossadegh in Iran, back in the early 1950’s. Now you suggest there are foreign interests who want regime change in India, too.

    The former representative for India in Iran has legitimate fears of foreign meddlers, especially the Brits and US Americans, unfortunately. The more I read about the historical dominance of Britain and its devil-spawn in the US, the more ashamed I am about the bully-and-con tactics of our Western heritage.

    I wish we could overcome our human hubris and learn how to live peacefully and profitably together on this planet. We can all afford the life-enhancing beliefs and practices from human diversity.

    • Katharine – India’s rise is rattling a few vested interests in the developed world because just like Pfizer couldn’t make billions with its vaccine other products also are losing out. That cheaper better quality products can be made is forgotten 😞.

      I have also felt that we need to reconstitute the UN because it has outlived its usefulness. The world has to begin thinking about basics being available to every human being – food, shelter and education. The UN isn’t able to steer thought towards that.

      Am sorry but am not a fan of any of the US Presidents in recent times … I feel they have all let down the people of America and made the country weak.

      You are right about the British – the colonial legacy of racism and supremacist tendencies is the original pandemic that refuses to go away.

      • Bindu,
        Interesting comments. Do you believe there is such a thing as cultural integrity? I can’t speak for anyone else, but it seems that some cultures have a historical integrity that is deeply rooted in the land of their environment. I imagine that India is one of them, with its ancient roots, despite the cultural upheavals it has experienced in the last few centuries.

        The US, on the other hand, is a baby culture, with its mix of multiple races, ideologies, languages, and cultural traditions. The US doesn’t have a stably formed identity, but like a baby, it doesn’t respect others’ boundaries. It needs containment, self- containment, before the rest of humanity has to set limits for us.

        When I think of other cultures in the world, I am awed by what others have done, without our help or interference. I liken this to a cultural maturity level, and a culture’s priorities.

        You are a good advocate for India by your reasonableness, an ability which makes it easy to interact with you. I am deficient in my lack of language skills, but I respect all those people who speak more than one language, since misunderstanding may be the most damaging factor in human relations.

        Would that we could all speak and understand each other’s languages.

      • Katharine am always amazed at your maturity and understanding of cultural nuances !!

        You said it – the US is a baby culture as it’s a nation state of recent origin. For Indians anything above 5000 years will get our attention 😊. My grandmother’s house is 120 year old so 200-300 years is not very exciting.

        It’s the cultural roots that anti-India forces are trying to attack. The colonial powers and the hordes of barbarian invaders from Persia and Arab countries have been at it for nearly 800 years now.

        And your wish to understand other languages may come true soon with Google translate 👍.

    • “Jai” means victory, “Hind” is short for Hindustan, the ancient name for India. It denotes all the land and people beyond the Hindu Kush mountains, not just Hindus.

      One of our prominent freedom fighters and practically the first Prime Minister of India, Subhas Chandra Bose coined this phrase to mean – Victory to India.

      It’s how soldiers greet their superiors in the armed forces and it’s used in common interactions as well.

  2. Oh yes! Anti-India ecosystem hard at work! Internal greed colluding with external agencies with highly vested interests! However they have forgotten one important thing – Indians have by and large woken up to the wrong-doings of such evil, and seen for themselves what the Modi-led govt. has accomplished for the nations’ billions. We do have to thank social media to a certain extent for this awakening. Indians are no longer naive, and the colonized mindset is being blown apart.

    I very much appreciate the comments from your follower from the West (katherineotto). Empathy arises from genuine remorse, acknowledgement and understanding of the damage that was done. And empathy leads to genuine intent. It is apparent in her words.

    While there is much to appreciate in the West (constant investment in technological and scientific research/advancements as an example), their drive to dominate the planet at all levels and at any cost is simply unacceptable. Under the garb of liberating people from autocrats, the US in particular has used its money and military muscle to indulge in regime changes of democratically elected govts, funded rebellions that resulted in tremendous atrocities to humanity, strong-armed the UN to impose sanctions on life-saving commodities and what not. This is no different from the colonization that the British indulged in for several centuries; only the era and terms of engagement differ.

    There is so much good that can be done for the planet if the West gets off its “unipolar world” band wagon. Collaboration does not mean colluding with internal evil to influence regime changes that are favourable to selfish interests. It implies developing deep respect for cultures that differ from their own, bring open to learning from them, and promoting diplomatic/peaceful means to end conflicts when they arise. When the West learns to live and let live, there will be peace on this planet.


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